Emily Ratajkowski, the VIDEO shocks everyone: ‘sill’ in sight

Emily Ratajkowski decides to shock her followers again with a post published on her official Instagram profile. Not the usual movie as you can see around, but a real pearl that only the extraordinary model of

English origins could give us. In fact, the results are nothing short of excellent, success is absolutely guaranteed: a shower of “likes” is just what we needed for the splendid 30-year-old who makes us all definitely amazed. We are really shocked (in the good sense of the word, God forbid) because what you will see is absolutely on the verge of illegal. Seeing is believing – VIDEO

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski (screenshot Instagram photo)

Emily Ratajkowski, beauty in sight …

Although several years have passed since the release of their song we are still infinitely thanking the duo formed by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams thanks to ‘Blurred Lines‘, one of the songs of summer 2013 that made all the boys dance and not only. For what reason? because it was from the video clip that we met, for the first time, all the extraordinary beauty of Emily Ratajkowski. From that moment on we can confirm that our life has definitely changed. Whenever the supermodel decides to post something new we know very well that she will never let us down. And that’s exactly how it is. Amazing how she manages to go all the way and grasp our weaknesses. On this occasion, however, she posted a video in which you really see all her extraordinary repertoire of her. A short video, of a few seconds, but many are enough to be able to knock us out. He did it once again and she won. We raise the white flag because it is far too much. If you think we are exaggerating then we challenge you to stay here with us and go to the bottom to see the video where you will be speechless.

Emily Ratajkowski, side ‘A’ in plain sight… – VIDEO

First a fix to her hair before going out and then a check on her dress that to describe as a “heart attack” is absolutely an understatement. The user’s eye can only fall absolutely there: the side ‘A’ is far too explosive. The dress she wears highlights her extraordinary shapes that cannot be overshadowed. Many “hearts” that she is continuing to receive and that deserve to be put. So are the comments she is receiving.

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