Emily Ratajkowski, we missed the leopard bikini: all too mini

Emily Ratajkowski has no intention of stopping to amaze and does it in the best possible way that we have all been waiting for. Obviously with a new post that the British supermodel has decided to publish on her official Instagram account of hers – VIDEO

If you still haven’t figured out what we’re talking about, you absolutely don’t have to worry since we in the editorial team are ready to show you a real wonder which bears his signature. If his goal was to drive us completely crazy then we can confirm that she has succeeded in a great way and also with excellent results. The title is absolutely not misleading, you can be too calm to tell the truth. Words are not needed here at all. The tool you need in these cases are the eyes. Those can never lie. And to tell the truth not even our Emily that she always knows how to get our attention. Seeing is believing if you still have any doubts about it.

Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram photo screenshot)

Emily Ratajkowski, that bikini is nothing short of illegal

Everyone standing up to applaud the new masterpiece that bears the signature of our Emily. We will never stop thanking singers Robin Thicke And Pharrell Williams who made this splendor known to the whole world thanks to their song ‘Blurred Lines‘ . A video that has had millions of views. In a small part for the song (for heaven’s sake, very listenable), but for the rest only to watch the English supermodel and her colleagues who put on a show. Enough to send us completely out of mind. In her latest masterpiece published on her Instagram we can see her with a leopard print bikini that was missing from our collection. A few seconds, but that’s enough to send us to rug. Let’s find out everything. For the rest we can do nothing but wish you a good vision.

Emily Ratajkowski, sublime physique: all too mini – VIDEO

And here it is, ever more enchanting and fascinating than ever before 31 years old which absolutely never ceases to amaze us all. A physicist which does not need any kind of presentation at all. Forms that deserve and not a little. Her gaze is always the same: captivating and provocative at the right point. As always, by the way. If you feel short of breath after seeing all of this, know that it is completely normal.

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