Emily Ratajkowski, what if I cut my own hair like Emrata did?

Emily Ratajkowski, doct. If she cuts her own hair too, I can too

At least once in your life the idea will have touched you. Because maybe you didn’t have time to go to the hairdresser. Because you forgot to make an appointment and you should have waited too long. Because that desire to change your look was so urgent that you couldn’t resist. If it happened to you, you know what I’m talking about and you also know that maybe it didn’t end very well. Yes, because cutting is a necessarily irreversible action and, if you make a mistake, you make a mistake. Then there is only one way out – to cut even more. Going to the hairdresser, of course.

And if Nicole Kidman was photographed with scissors in hand in the gesture of cutting her bangs in the shots made for The Perfect Magazine, Emily Ratajkowski he really did. In a video that appeared on TikTok a few days ago, Emrata cuts her side locks alone in front of the mirror, before going to the beach. And she finally she says: “This is not my best work but you know, it’s a start”.

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If even Emily Ratajkowski cuts her own hair, then, as if by magic, the do-it-yourself haircut becomes a cool practice. To put into practice. But not all of her being Emratas who, even if she cuts her hair all crookedly, she’s always wonderful, to stem any (and very probable) damage, there are some tricks.

Take a tour of TikTok first. There is no shortage of tutorials there. Indeed, difficult to navigate because there are so many. Before going into the details, some preliminary and fundamental advice: get professional scissors (kitchen, paper or sewing ones are not good). Second, don’t overdo it. Bet on a super simple cut. Last strategic tip: do virtual tests with tools like FaceApp, to preview any results.

Moving on to practice, a great classic of the DIY cut is to gather all the hair in front, secure it under the chin with an elastic band and give a clean cut (just a few centimeters, please). Thus all the lengths are shortened, creating a very light natural scaling.

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This system includes several variations – high ponytail, medium high ponytail, central ponytail, two side ponytails‚Ķ – but the concept is always more or less the same: clip all the hair together and give a single cut. So it’s quite impossible to go wrong and the result is always slightly scaled.

An even more scaled result is obtained if the hair, in addition to being gathered in a tail, is twisted on itself.

For the fringe instead, you can try to take the hair with a comb, turn the comb on itself a couple of times and then cut the hair holding the scissors vertically.

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For those who feel more confident with scissors, they can try dividing the hair into different sections, bringing two large strands to the front and trimming them trying to be precise and symmetrical (not easy, actually). Limit the damage, always cutting a few millimeters at a time.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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