Emma Marrone: the last time I made love? A year ago

THEthe sex? It can wait, at least for many stars. There are many celebs who have decided to embrace a period of chastity, leaving the nights of passion to the future. The latest to reveal her no sex position of her is Emma Brown. The singer, in an exchange of social questions and answers with her followers, also opened up about intimacy. Revealing when was the last time he made love.

Emma Marrone and chastity

The Italian music star has always been very direct and sincere with her 5.9 million Instagram followers. And she doesn’t hold back even when it comes to answering some hot questions. So when she is asked when was the last time she made love, the singer replies bluntly: «last December. Almost a year ago». Then, with her usual irony, she added a comment that made most people laugh: «I know… bad… very bad indeed… I have to start giving it as if it weren’t mine!” he wrote. Words that speak volumes about the desire to fall in love again.

The loves of the singer

Emma Marrone in 2021 at the Verona Arena. (Getty Images)

Moreover, in recent times there has been no news of the singer’s new alleged loves. In the living room of very true, in fact, recently confirmed that he was single. And the no sex choice could be due precisely to her status, embraced again after the end of so many loves. The best known one is the flirtation with Stefano De Martinomet during the talent show Friends. But Emma also had a romance with Fabio Borriello, brother of the footballer Marco, and with Nikolai Danielsen, Norwegian model. Not long ago, she joked on Twitter about the lack of a boyfriend. Commenting on the data from the United Nations according to which there are eight billion people on earth, la cantata wrote: «And if there were one who gets engaged to me».

Sex and female heteroflexibility: what it is

Sex and female heteroflexibility: what it is

The non-sex stars

Not just Emma. Other stars have opened up about their chastity recently. Alessandra Celentanofor example, claimed to have given up on sex for thirteen years. “Should I be ashamed?” asked the school’s dance teacher Friends to Francesca Fagnani who interviewed her during the programme Beasts. And to whom he told that he had neither loves nor flirts since the end of his marriage.

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It’s no different Drew Barrymore. «Sex is not my priority. I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go looking for people like that,” wrote the actress on her blog. Revealing that for six years, that is, since her marriage ended, she has decided to archive love and passion.


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