Emma Roberts confesses what is her favorite movie with her aunt Julia Roberts

Emma Roberts will soon debut in a new rom-com titled Maybe I Do and has confessed to her all-time favorite starring Aunt Julia Roberts.

All his aunt, Emma Roberts. Perhaps he inherited that passion for the world of entertainment from her and today she is a well-placed and well-known actress on the big and small screen. In addition to having proven himself in TV series such as American Horror Story And Scream QueensEmma Roberts is also often associated with the rom-com genre, just like her more famous aunt, Julia Roberts. pretty woman, If you run away, I’ll marry you, In bed with the enemy, Notting Hill, Appointment with love: these are just some of the most interesting titles in his repertoire whose common thread is love. But which one is your niece’s favourite?

Emma Roberts reveals her favorite rom com with her aunt Julia Roberts

So far Emma Roberts has allowed herself several experiences on the romance side of the cinema. She shared the scene with her aunt in Date with Love, but she also starred in several rom-coms such as Separate in love, How do I sell your family and the most recent Holiday for Netflix. She will soon return to star in a romantic comedy with a stellar cast. She’s titled Maybe I Do and involves Richard Gere, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon And William H. Macky. Aunt Julia, on the other hand, returned to the cinema once again alongside George Clooney with Ticket to Paradise, dusting off a friendship and an artistic partnership that has never faded. Ahead of the release of Maybe I Do, Emma Roberts has revealed which of her aunt’s rom-coms is her all-time favorite. Do you already have some ideas?

The choice is vast, yet the Holidate actress seems to have very clear ideas. Guest a Watch What Happens Live to promote the new rom com, Emma Roberts took part in a guessing game about romantic comedies. At one point her favorite movie of hers was brought up, My best friend’s Wedding starring Julia Roberts. Released in 1997 and directed by PJ Hogan, the romantic film saw Roberts sharing the scene with Dermot Mulroney and interpret a gastronomic critique, Julianne. The plot revolves around the pact made by the protagonists: if neither of them had a wedding in sight by the time they were 28, they would get married. Just weeks away from her 28th birthday, Michael he informs her that he will soon marry a woman he has known for a few months. Julienne, she realizes that she can’t bear such a wrong marriage, as she is in love with him, and she will do anything to sabotage the wedding.

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