Emma Stone addicted to sex in the new film from the creator of “The Favorites”

The portal “Production Weekly” informed about the commencement of work on the film “Poor Things”. According to the information provided there, the production of the film is to start in autumn 2021. Lanthimos will not only direct the film, but will also write the script with Tony McNamara. Emma Stone will star in the film Lanthimos. In addition to this information, the announcement of the Greek director’s new project also included a description of the plot of the film.

In the memoirs of Archibald McCandless, a nineteenth-century doctor from Glasgow, there is a story about the strange life of the emancipated and unstable erotomaniac Bella Baxter, who was the female version of the Frankenstein monster – we read in the description. Bella’s real name is Victoria Blessington. In order to escape from her cruel husband, the woman decided to drown herself. She was brought back to life by a surgeon who placed in her head the fetal brain of the child she was carrying under her heart. Animated, Bella has the mind of a newborn baby. He puts McCandless to sleep, to whom she became engaged, and runs away with a suspicious lawyer. With him, she embarks on a journey of adventures leading her from Alexandria through Odessa to Paris brothels. As the brain develops, Bella develops social awareness and wants to marry Archibald. However, their wedding is cut short when the woman is recognized by her husband, General Aubrey Blessington.

The announced plot looks perfectly suited to the work of Lanthimos, who has such films as “Fang”, “Lobster” and “Killing the Holy Deer”. He won three Oscar nominations – the first for the script of “Lobster”, and two more for the direction and production of “The Favorite”.

Emma Stone was last seen in the movie “Zombieland: Balls in the Head”, and also heard in the animation “The Croods 2: New Era”. Among the projects awaiting the premiere with the participation of this actress is the prequel “101 Dalmatians”, the movie “Cruella”. Stone will play the title role of Cruella de Mon. We will also see the Oscar-winning actress in the series “The Curse”.

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