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Emma Stone
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Emma Stone has had many unique roles to her credit. Recently, it is again loud about her. And that’s because of the Cruell movie. This is another film adaptation of a story known from a fairy tale. However, Emma Stone shows the villain from a completely new angle. How was she preparing for the role of Cruella? Does she have a husband? Does Emma Stone have Instagram? You will find out everything on!

Emma Stone is an actress with a great track record. She began her acting career at the age of only 17. Since then, she has played many spectacular roles. The most important productions with her participation include the films: The Favorite, Birdman, War of the Sexes and, of course, the award-winning La La Land.

Recently, Emma Stone has been on tongues again. And that’s because of the Cruell movie. The actress plays the title Cruella De Mon there. She presented the character from the fairy tale 101 Dalmatians in a completely new way.

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Emma Stone: Cruella, Instagram, Videos

Emma Stone was born on November 6, 1988, which is 32 years old. The star has an Instagram profile, but has not updated it for almost a year.

As for the star’s acting achievements, it is impressive. Prior to Cruell’s film, Emma Stone starred in, among others, in the series Maniac or the comedy horror film Zombieland: Kulki w łeb.

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