Emma Stone got married! Who is the actress’s chosen one?

Emma Stone is married! The actress decided to say yes to her partner, whom she got engaged to last December.

Emma Stone she said YES! As reported by the website People actress and her partner Dave McRary they have been married for several weeks. And the proof are photos of the couple taken by paparazzi, where you can see the rings on the fingers of lovers walking the streets of Los Angeles in mid-August. So far, the parties concerned have not officially confirmed the reports of the wedding. Interestingly, we heard not so long ago that Stone canceled the ceremony that was to take place in March, which is shortly after the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The lovers, even though they already had a planned celebration, did not want to expose their loved ones. However, it seems that despite the constant threat of contracting COVID-19, Emma and her lover did not want to wait any longer and got married despite the difficult situation.

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Emma Stone and Dave McRary got married

Emma Stone and Dave McRary became engaged in December 2019. First, this information was shared on Instagram by the actress’s partner, and in January, the movie star La La Land or the upcoming one Cruelli. The couple met in 2016 when Stone was a guest on the show Saturday Night Livein which McCary is one of the directors and screenwriters. He was responsible for the sketch Wells for Boys, in which, according to the formula of the show, Emma played. It is unknown when exactly the couple started dating as they both value privacy very much. – Dave is a very down-to-earth guy – says the magazine’s informant People. – Most of his friends are people with whom he has been friends since childhood. He is not interested in visiting Hollywood salons. He is very creative and fun. He and Emma are having a great time – comments an anonymous source.

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Emma Stone and Dave McRary – Relationship Story

The couple reportedly bought a house in Malibu last summer, before they announced their engagement to the world. Both this step and the engagement that followed were a very serious change in the actress’s life. Before Emma Stone started dating the director and writer with an exceptional sense of humor, she had been with her colleague since 2011, Andrew Garfield. The actors got engaged in October 2014, and in June four years later they decided to split up, remaining on friendly terms.

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