Emma Stone has the chance to become the highest-paid actress in

Emma Stone’s streak continues. The American actress, whom viewers know from such blockbuster films as “Birdman”, “The Servants”, “The Favorite” or the musical “La La Land”, for which she won an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Award, recently played the lead role in the spectacular the comedy “Cruell”.

In the production about the rebellious beginnings of Cruella de Mon, known from the novel “101 Dalmatians” and its cult adaptation, Stone portrayed Estella – a bright and creative girl who dreams of a career as a designer. The film shows the transformation of the heroine, who, thanks to her relationship with the legend of the fashion world, Baroness von Hellman, turns to the wicked side and becomes Cruella, hungry for revenge. The production, enthusiastically received by viewers, turned out to be a box office success, grossing over $ 220 million worldwide. So it should come as no surprise that Disney decided to shoot the second part of the movie.

As Deadline has just revealed, Stone signed a contract with the label for the sequel to “Cruella”. Craig Gillespie will be back behind the camera and the script will be written by Tony McNamara. According to unofficial information, Stone can earn up to $ 50 million on the second part, making her the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.

Reports of the Stone contract surfaced shortly after the world heard about a lawsuit Scarlett Johansson filed against Disney. The “Black Widow” star accused the studio responsible for the distribution of the film of breaching the terms of the contract. The reason for the conflict is the studio’s decision to simultaneously make the production available in cinemas and on the Disney + streaming platform. The actress claims that she was cheated, because the contract guaranteed only a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of tickets, and the studio reportedly assured her that “Black Widow” will premiere in cinemas only. Placing the title in the VOD catalog ultimately reduced the film’s earnings in the box office, and thus, inevitably lowered Johansson’s salary.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the star of Black Widow and Lost in Translation topped the list of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. As Forbes recently reported, she was dethroned this year by Sofia Vergara, with earnings of $ 43 million.

Meanwhile, the lucrative contract between Emma Stone and Disney may lead to further reshuffles. “Actors are complaining that they are losing millions as people increasingly give up going to theaters in favor of watching movies at home. The pandemic has radically changed our habits on the subject. It is definitely a landmark deal for Emma. If the second part, Cruelli turns out to be a hit, he could easily earn up to $ 50 million, “said a Disney employee who wished to remain anonymous, quoted by the Daily Mail.

The plot of the planned continuation of the film is still shrouded in mystery. It is speculated that the action will be set just after the events of the first part, but before those of “101 Dalmatians”. The release date has not yet been disclosed.

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