Emma Stone is expecting a baby. She hid her pregnancy for a long time

Emma Stone’s pregnancy was first reported to US Weekly, then her photos appeared in the Daily Mail. The photos taken by the paparazzi leave no room for doubt: the 32-year-old American actress is expecting a baby.

The Hollywood star avoids the media and does not act on social networks. Only once did she give up discretion. At the end of 2019, she announced her engagement. Her chosen one is Dave McCary – director and screenwriter of “Saturday Night Live”. They have been together since 2017.

Emma Stone is expecting a baby

In May 2020, fans noticed a gold wedding ring on Emma Stone’s finger. Immediately there were rumors that the actress was getting married. A journalistic investigation revealed that indeed the Hollywood star and her fiancé were planning to get married in March, but the ceremony did not take place due to the pandemic.

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In September 2020, the gossip media repeated the information that Emma Stone was pregnant. It was recalled that two years earlier the actress confessed in an interview with “Elle”:

The latest photos of paparazzi prove that soon at least one of these dreams will come true.

As a chronicler, let’s add that in 2011-2015, Emma Stone met with Andrew Garfield, whom she met on the set of the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

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