Emma Stone recently became a mom! We know the gender and the name of the actress’s first child

Emma Stone and Dave McCary just recently became parents. We know the exact date of birth, gender, and the name of the couple’s first child. One of the most popular actresses in the world gave birth to a boy or a girl?

Emma Stone and Dave McCary they care a lot about their privacy. We learned from foreign media that they are expecting their first child. The actress, who was already heavily pregnant, was “caught” by paparazzi while walking with a friend. The photos went around the world almost immediately and aroused a lot of emotions among female fans and fans of the star La La Landand also her husband. As it turns out, the first child of Emma Stone and Dave McCary is already in the world. The actress gave birth to a boy or a girl?

Emma Stone became a mom, which was reported by foreign media at the end of March, led by TMZ. According to the aforementioned American gossip website, the birth took place March 13, 2021 in Los Angeles. However, a few weeks later, the service People reported that the star Amazing Spider-Man and La La Land gave birth to a girl. Information on the gender of Emma Stone and Dave McCary’s first child was provided to the portal by a person from the couple’s close circle.

At the end of May 2021, the birth certificate of the first child of Emma Stone and Dave McCary was released to the media. Therefore, we found out where their daughter was born, as well as what name (or rather names) they chose for her. According to the information contained in the birth certificate, the girl’s name is Louise Jean McCary. It turns out that the names that her parents chose for her are not accidental. Jean is the name of Emma Stone’s beloved grandmother. Interestingly, the actress’s middle name sounds the same.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary started dating in 2016. The couple met a popular show in the USA Saturday Night Live, of which the 35-year-old is a director. Emma Stone and Dave McCary got engaged in December 2019 and got married a few months later. Only the closest ones knew about the ceremony. In March this year, they became parents for the first time. Congratulations!

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