Emma Stone signed a contract for the lead role

Happens! Soon after the premiere of the movie Cruella There were reports that this production could see a sequel. It turns out that these were not ordinary rumors, because Disney has just signed a new contract with the starring actress.

According to Deadline, Emma Stone sealed her return as Cruella De Mon. The actress was about to sign a new contract with the Hollywood giant.

Although the plot details about the sequel are not yet known, we can safely assume that its action will take place after the events of the film Cruellabut before 101 Dalmatians. We would like to remind you that in the scene after the credits of the recent hit, there was a clear reference to the film from years ago. Cruella gave her two companions little Dalmatians. It will be a while before the dogs grow up, so there’s plenty of room for a sequel.

We also know that Craig Gillespie will return as a director. Writer Tony McNamara will also appear on the production team.

Interestingly, after Scarlett Johansson sued Disney due to the parallel film premiere Black Widow in cinemas and on the Disney + platform, Emma Stone was to take a similar step. However, it seems that the actress was able to get along with the representatives of the label in a slightly gentler way, since she signed a new contract.

In our review the movie Cruella scored 7/10. Have you had the opportunity to watch it already?

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