Emma Stone styling, premiere of the movie Cruella 2021

On May 18 in Los Angeles took place ceremonial premiere of the film Cruell. During this special evening, Emma Stone herself appeared, playing the lead role in the film. The actress delighted with her elegant, but very modern styling. She wore a black suit, a white blouse tied around the neck, a beautiful red clutch bag and amazing jewelry that completed the outfit. Emma Stone looked really amazing. We decided to recreate this unique stylization, this great set will definitely need such inspiration. In this type of outfits, you can easily appear at an important family dinner or business meeting. It is universal, stylish and very elegant. If you add red lipstick to it, it will become sensual and feminine.

What is Cruell’s film with Emma Stone 2021 about

The film tells the story of the rebellious beginnings of one of the most famous and fashionable cinematic villains, the legendary Cruella de Mon. Share Cruelli Set in London in the 1970s during the punk rock revolution, it tells the story of Estella, a bright and creative girl determined to be famous for her projects. He befriends a couple of young thieves and they live together in the streets of London. One day Estella’s talent for fashion catches the eye of Baroness von Hellman, fashion legend played by two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson (“Howards End”, “Sense and Sensibility”). Their relationship sets in motion a course of events that will make Estella turn to the wicked side and become Cruella, hungry for vengeance.

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