Emma Watson supports the Palestinian people and is accused of being anti-Semitic

The Harry Potter Saga is in the spotlight, but it’s not because of the premiere of the new Fantastic Beasts movie or the reunion of the actors and actresses in The Return to Hogwarts through HBO Max. The saga is on everyone’s lips due to a large number of controversies related to neighboring elements, such as the alleged anti-Semitism of Gringotts Goblins or the absence of JK Rowling in the aforementioned special. Now it’s the turn of Emma Watson, the actress who plays Hermione, is being accused of being a representative of Hollywood’s anti-Semitism after a publication on her social networks.

Emma Watson supports the Palestinian people and is accused of being anti-Semitic

It all started last week. Watson posted on his Instagram profile an image of a group of Palestinian protesters with the caption “Solidarity is a verb”. It’s a quote by feminist academic Sara Ahmed, which she quoted in the same Facebook post, highlighting the importance of committing to just causes. She says the following: “Solidarity does not imply that our struggles are the same or that our pains are the same, or that our hope is directed towards the same future. Solidarity implies commitment and work, as well as the recognition that we live in an earthly commune. Although we don’t have the same feelings or the same lives or the same bodies.”:

Emma Watson, linked to the Bad Activist Collective movement, seems to have made it clear that she rejects the way the State of Israel deals with the conflict with the Palestinian people, something that Gal Gadot also sneezed at. We are talking about a complex issue, especially when we talk about the Gaza Strip, which remains one of the most intractable on the international stage and which seems to attract Hollywood actors and actresses. In the face of these criticisms and the commotion caused by Emma Watson’s publication, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, criticized her post, citing the harm caused by the Palestinian Authority and by Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement:

“Fiction may work in Harry Potter, but it doesn’t work in reality.” Commented Erdan, emphasizing that these are invalid criticisms of a legitimate nation that is only defending itself from a series of terrorist attacks. However, many actors and actresses wanted to take a stand for Watson through Artists for Palestine UK, an organization that defends “the rights of Palestinians”. In a letter with more than 40 Hollywood figures as signatories, this large group of artists try to defend what they consider a just cause and claim that, in one way or another, she only wanted to defend human rights.

“We join Emma Watson in supporting the simple declaration that ‘solidarity is a verb’, including meaningful solidarity with Palestinians fighting for their human rights,” they explain on their official website. Signatories include Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Jim Jarmusch, Viggo Mortensen, Gael García Bernal, Ken Loach, Peter Capaldi, filmmaker Mira Nair, screenwriters Asif Kapadia and James Schamus, and actor Ramy Youssef, among others. These kinds of controversies are no stranger to Watson. For years, she has combined her public life and her increasingly sporadic film work with her work as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. There she sits on the G7 council for women’s rights.

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Image: The Times of Israel

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