Emme Is Not the Only One! Jennifer Lopez Proves That Her Son Max Also Inherited Her Musical Talent

A promising future on the stage awaits the little one.

Jennifer Lopez lives one of the best facets of her professional life, after making history in the Super Bowl with her extraordinary show, reaching the height of her fame.

One of the exciting moments of the prestigious show, which will always be remembered, was undoubtedly the participation of her little daughter Emme, who dazzled with her talent and showed that music carries her in her blood.

But recently, the “Let’s get loud” interpreter has left evidence on social networks that not only her daughter has inherited her and Marc Anthony’s gifts because apparently her little son Max has not been left behind.

The former singer of “Now who” published very proud in their social networks, a video in which Maximiliano can be seen playing a role in a play at her school.

The images were López’s perfect excuse to show the prodigious child masterfully singing one of the themes of the “Wizard of Oz”, in addition to dedicating some heartfelt words.

“The smallest munchkin. Proud mom” wrote the American artist at the foot of her post, which has so far exceeded 6 million views and has received comments from important figures such as Luis Fonsi and Tommy Mottola.

Although little Max is a little more introverted than her sister Emme, there is no doubt that following the same steps of Jennifer and Marc, a promising future awaits him.

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