Employee of Bodega Aurrerá reveals how the ANT ROBBERY of customers happens in the middle of the store (VIDEO)

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The self-service stores streamline the purchasing process for your customers; however, having the products available to users also opens the door to a type of crime that generates millions in losses for the Business: the ant robbery and this was reported by an employee of Aurrera Winery on TikTok.

Through the Chinese social network, the employee of this store that is part of the chain of Walmart Group He shared a clip in which he shows netizens the “merchandise that customers leave half eaten on a normal day”, an act that can be classified as ant robbery.

In the video that lasts only about 37 seconds, the user @val_jaz shows some open and empty products that she has found hidden on the shelves in the corridors of the Bodega Aurrerá where she works.

First of all, it shows a peanut butter to which a customer made a hole in the lid, to put his finger and eat some of the product. Later he shows some empty beer cans that she found behind other products on a shelf.

“They are thirsty but they don’t bring for the six”, is heard in the video when the girl shows several cans of Barrilito, Corona and Modelo beer.

Likewise, the young Walmart associate shows an empty juice package and an open package of cookies, from which someone removed some of the product, and then abandoned it before reaching the checkout counter to pay.

“Teach your children to your children not to eat things, before paying for them,” says the voiceover of the TikTok video.


The ant robbery generates millionaire losses

According to information from the Mexican Association of Private Security Companies (AMESP), ant robberies have managed to record losses of up to 24 billion dollars annually.

In the case of Walmart, the company has reported that Bodega Aurrerá’s packaged food products are the main victims of ant theft.

For its part, the Industrial Security Multisystems Group assured that in Mexico six out of 10 inhabitants have stolen a product from a commercial store, which worsens during the Christmas season.

Despite the high incidence of this type of crime, the sentence for ant robbery in Mexico ranges between 8 months and 2 years in prison.

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