Employers are looking hard for employees in IT. Websites with advertisements with an increasing number of new offers

Almost 18,920 job offers for IT specialists were published in the third quarter of this year. on the Praca.pl portal. It’s about 30 percent. more than in the same period last year, when there were 14,510 of them. At the same time, Jobs.pl increased by 4%, from 5,934 to 6,176 offers. In turn, Gratka.pl, focused on the recruitment of the so-called blue collars, saw a jump of 83 percent. From July to September this year. published an average of 133 new and updated job offers in IT a day, and a year earlier – 73. OLX Praca, on the other hand, targets its offer mainly in the blue and gray collar sector, but in the IT / telecommunications category it has recorded an increase in the number of unique job offers. From July to September this year. there were 3,115, and a year earlier – 2,388.

– The increase in the number of job offers shows that the industry is returning to normal after lockdowns. And the results at the level of 30 percent. and more show its continuous and dynamic development. However, the quoted data certainly does not include headhunting, which in IT is sometimes the only effective method of employing an expert. On LinkedIn, professionals with extensive experience sometimes receive very good proposals. Even if they have the “I am looking for a job” status disabled. This indicates a very high demand for specialists – comments Sergiusz Diundyk, trainer and international expert in the IT industry.

According to Maciej Zaradkiewicz, senior manager at Hays Poland, an IT market expert, the situation is very favorable from the perspective of the candidates. In 2021, the demand for specialists in each area increased. Starting from software development, through infrastructure, security, and ending with data processing. This is often associated with an increase in wage pressure, and hence – with a constant increase in wages. In turn, Sergiusz Diundyk points out that companies sometimes want to pay employees even over PLN 20-30 thousand. PLN monthly net, but often they have no one.

– The market forces primarily to enter the salary range. In the IT area, offers without this element basically cease to exist. Thus, the conditions offered to candidates for IT positions are definitely competitive. In addition to a very high salary, there are also tailored benefits, as well as clear opportunities for development and improvement of competences – emphasizes Aleksandra Wesołowska from the Praca.pl portal.

An expert from Hays Poland points out that the first signs of frostbite on the IT market appeared in the early autumn of 2020. However, from January this year. we observe increased activity in the field of recruitment. According to the data provided by advertising services, the increase in the number of offers in this area was visible in the second quarter of this year. compared to the same period of the previous year. Praca.pl saw a jump of almost 600 percent. (from nearly 7,900 to 50,080 offers), and at Jobs.pl – by approx. 6.2 percent. (from 5523 to 5867). In turn, in the case of the Gratka.pl website, the proposal was almost 38 percent. more than before (Q2 2020, an average of 82 new or updated ads per day, and a year later – 113), and in OLX Praca – by 33 percent. (from 2267 to 3007).

– In the period from April to June last year Due to the pandemic, employers published the fewest advertisements. Some recruitment was also frozen. On the other hand, the second quarter of this year is a return to normalcy and a very large, popandemic increase in the demand for IT specialists – describes Aleksandra Wesołowska.

In turn, Maciej Zaradkiewicz informs that there is a high demand for specialists in the area of ​​software development, including web and mobile application developers. Many interesting offers are for experienced front-end programmers, especially those skilled in working with React.js. DevOps engineers are also in great demand. Professionals with experience in working with cloud technologies are especially appreciated. Employers are looking for experts in the field of data analysis, processing and machine learning. Experts in the field of cybersecurity cannot complain about the lack of job offers.

– Looking at this data, it should be noted that the increase in demand for IT specialists to 20 percent. year on year is almost a certain norm. However, the situation in 2022 will depend on whether individual industries that use IT support will be closed again. If there are no lockdowns, only an increasing number of job offers can be predicted. On the other hand, the role of websites with advertisements will slowly fade away, and the share of other recruitment methods will increase – states Sergiusz Diundyk.

According to an expert from Hays Poland, it should be expected that the trends will continue to grow. But at the same time, the expert draws attention to the most desirable IT positions on the market. In such cases, the publication of advertisements does not bring the expected results, because candidates relatively rarely apply for them. Placing an offer online usually only plays an auxiliary role in the work of recruiters. Candidates are acquired through active contact, among others via social media or through recommendations and networking.

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