Empoli opens the first hotel for bees in the Serravalle Park

“Api a Empoli” is the name chosen for the first activity of the Municipality in defense of bees with the construction of the Bee Hotels

It occurs on May 20 of each year the ‘World Bee Day’. Hence the project TOBE (E) mpoli of the Municipality of Empoli which, through various activities, wants to invest in the well-being of the territory by protecting urban biodiversity and territorial ecosystems through the increase of urban green, the cultivation of plant species, the reduction of biocides, the encouragement of agriculture and the protection of bees which play a fundamental role for man and the environment.

“Bees in Empoli” is the name chosen for the first activity of the Municipality in defense of bees, it consists in the construction and installation of Bee Hotel for bees entrusted to the SintesiMinerva Cooperative.

The first urban hotel to be built in the Serravalle Parkwill be handcrafted by the cooperative Summary Minervawhich will have to deliver 18 sustainable shelter houses, with zero environmental impact, destined to become nesting and wintering places for solitary bees.

The Bee Hotels have dimensions 44 X 28 (base) X 6.5 cm, oak and / or light chestnut color. The materials used are natural: solid fir wood, poplar plywood; poplar plywood; domestic reed (arundo donax); various types of wood logs (heather, Turkey oak, etc.) and metal mesh with square mesh.

Also 18 signs will be provided and arranged in the positioning area of ​​the houses to explain to visitors the purpose of the project and the purposes of the bee hotels. And the organization in September of a real ‘festival’ dedicated to the initiative is also planned.

The first of the Bee Hotels and its sign will be inaugurated on Sunday 15 May 2022 at 5 pm, at the Serravalle Park in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Empoli and the president of the SintesiMinerva cooperative Cristina Dragonetti, the presentation of the book entitled Green please – Resilience, recycling, sustainability by the journalist Ludovica Amici will follow. Those who have materially produced the Bee Hotels will also participate. The event is open to citizens.

The other urban ‘refuges’ will be placed one in each hamlet accompanied by explanatory signs.

Maintenance activities are scheduled for late summer: the structures must be inspected to remove dead wild bees, replace pieces of wood infested with fungi and molds and carry out a general cleaning.

Among other initiatives, Friday 20 May 2022, at 5 pm, Parco di Serravalle: show for children “Let’s make the different (iat) a – Stories of waste. recycling and water” with Mario Costanzi, which will have as protagonists the boys of the Calasanzio Institute in Empoli, a snack with honey at the Green Bar and the observation of the nesting tunnels of the Bee Hotels; Tuesday 24 May 2022, at 6 pm, at the bookshop La San Paolo books & people there will be the presentation of the book “The bird cottage” by the Dutch philosopher Eva Meijer, a scholar of animal languages, reconstructs the forgotten story of Len Howard, a passionate bird watcher.

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