End of barriers on state highways. There will be difficulties, among others on A4 – Bolesławiec

End of barriers on state highways.  There will be difficulties, among others  on A4

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The toll collection system for the toll sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways by users of passenger cars and motorcycles will change.

As reported by the Lower Silesian KAS:

The e-TOLL system will replace the operating until November 30 this year. manual Toll Collection System, and the passage through the toll plazas will take place without the need to stop in front of the barrier.

And adds:

From December 1 this year. You will no longer pay for the journey at the toll collector at the toll collection kiosk, but by purchasing an e-motorway ticket or providing geolocation data using the e-TOLL PL application or OBU / ZSL devices.

How to prepare for the trip?

Before you set off on the route of the A2 Konin-Stryków or A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways on December 1, select the payment method. You will be able to pay for the ride by purchasing a motorway e-ticket or using the e-TOLL PL application and OBU and ZSL devices compatible with the e-TOLL system.

What is a highway e-ticket?

KAS: – It is a convenient form of paying for the trip without the need to register in the e-TOLL system and purchase on-board devices, which will, however, remain one of the alternatives for passenger car drivers.

Where can you buy a highway ticket?

  • in the new e-TOLL PL TICKET application,
  • in the applications of the partners of the National Revenue Administration (KAS), the list of which will soon be available at etoll.gov.pl,
  • at the stationary distribution points of KAS partners, where users who do not use digital solutions will be able to purchase paper tickets.

The list of such points will soon be published on the website etoll.gov.pl.

The e-TOLL PL TICKET application will be available for free download in Google Play stores and in the AppStore. The option to purchase a ticket in the application will be available from December 1 this year.

The application will enable:

  • purchase of a motorway e-ticket,
  • generating a confirmation of purchase of the motorway e-ticket in the form of a PDF file,
  • access to the history of all purchased motorway e-tickets,
  • return of an unused motorway e-ticket.

More information about e-TOLL PL TICKET at etoll.gov.pl.

National Revenue Administration: – you can buy a motorway e-ticket in advance if you provide the registration number of the car you are planning to drive, the section of the motorway you are planning to travel, and the planned date and time of the start of the journey. The ticket will be valid for 48 hours from the indicated date. If you have changed your plans, you can return it before the declared travel start date and time.

E-TOLL PL application and on-board devices


From June 24 this year. You can pay the toll for the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways using the e-TOLL PL application, which works by transferring geolocation data to the e-TOLL system. The application is used by both heavy vehicle and passenger car users. It can be downloaded for free in Google Play stores and in the AppStore. To use the e-TOLL PL application, you must register in the e-TOLL system at etoll.gov.pl. After completing the installation of the application, you will receive the business ID of the device, enter it in the Internet Customer Account (IKK). In the e-TOLL PL application, you will pay the toll and top up your account. The application provides geolocation data, so you do not have to declare the time or route of the planned trip in advance. Charging is done using your vehicle’s geolocation data. The application must be turned on all the time during the journey.

Light vehicle drivers can also pay for motorway tolls using OBU and ZSL devices approved for the e-TOLL system. If you have such a device installed in your car, check if it is integrated with the e-TOLL system.

Changes in traffic organization on A2 and A4


In connection with the planned change of the toll collection system, a new traffic organization is being prepared at the toll collection points on the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways. On these sections, there may be periodic traffic difficulties, related to, inter alia, with the installation of a new marking.

And it complements:

We ask drivers to be careful when crossing these parts of the motorway.

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