End of FA Cup 3rd round. Manchester United continues

As a footballer Steven Gerrard, he has only faced Chelsea more than Manchester United. Most of his duels with The Red Devils however, it ended in failure. Today he came to Old Trafford for the first time as a manager and he also opened his balance sheet from a loss. Although Aston Villa was close, it would spoil the mood of fans in Manchester a bit today.


The visiting players have pretty good memories of Old Trafford, having won the league there just three months ago. There was no shortage of dramaturgy then, because Bruno Fernandes wasted the eleven in the last minute of extra time. This time there was no such tension until the last seconds, but a victory The Red Devils not for a moment was it certain. After all, the third round of the FA Cup has specific rules this year. A draw means overtime and possible penalty kicks. And for one goal, Gerrard’s players could easily be tempted.

In fact, they put the ball into David de Gei’s goal twice, but in both cases they bent the rules, making it impossible to change the score. Fortunately, in today’s match the referee could use the VAR system. In this round of the FA Cup, she is only present at the stadiums of Premier League clubs. We could see its usefulness in one of the situations in the second half, when the goal was scored by Danny Ings. At that time, the technology checked as many as three possible offenses:

  • Block in offside Jacob Ramsey
  • contact with the ball by Olie Watkins that caused Danny Ings to be offside
  • hitting the ball with the hand of the goal scorer.

It was based on a whistle of Ramsey’s foul, but we can boldly suspect that if the situation passed to the next stage, one of the next points would be in the way of the goal anyway. The situation was less complicated a few minutes later, when Ings was in the clear offside, after which Watkins entered the net with the ball.

As you can see, Manchester United won, but it was Aston Villa who played football today.


The hosts took the lead as early as eight minutes after Scott McTomianay’s header. The statistics show that they made a lot of shots at the opponent’s goal, but they somewhat distort the picture of the game. In fact, Villa’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez caught them all in the basket without even having to throw himself around the goalposts.

One of the fathers of victory should be considered David de Gea, who had to face several more difficult shots. His skills were checked, among others, by Matty Cash, who sent a bomb from the sixteenth meter towards the Spaniard’s goal. The Polish representative was, in turn, one of the most brilliant players on the side of the guests. In the first half, close to the goal line intervened twice, thus supporting the Manchester players from increasing the lead. First, Bruno Fernandes’ shot fired into the goal, then stopped Marcus Rashford’s pass to Mason Greenwater, which opened the way to an empty goal.

The aforementioned De Gea, in turn, cannot say much good about his defenders. Victor Lindelof played a fatal game. The Swede has lost the ball in his own half in a curious way twice. First he gave Watkins an opportunity, whose shot landed on the crossbar, and in the second part the game gave Fred a yellow card after the Brazilian had to correct his mistake.

In the end, the hosts withdrew tickets for the fourth round of the FA Cup, where they will face Middlesbrough. Aston Villa, as the classic says, can focus on the league.


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