End of life: green light to the drug for Antonio – Marche

44 year old from the Marche region will be able to access assisted suicide

The medical commission of the single regional health company of the Marche has given the green light for the drug to be administered to Antonio for the medically assisted suicide. Antonio, 44 ​​years old, quadriplegic from the Marches since 2014, has long started the battle for help with suicide supported by the Luca Coscioni Association.
After the recognition of the requirements to ‘apply’ the Constitutional Cappato-Antoniani (DjFabo) ruling, the opinion on the drug was missing. A stalemate had arisen that led the 44-year-old to consider moving to Switzerland to implement the procedure that has now de facto unlocked. ‘

“I was about to resume contact with the Swiss structure that I had contacted before this path but today, at the news of the confirmation of the drug and the procedures that I will be able to follow, I am happy to be able to have my loved ones close here with me, at my house until at the last moment “, said the 44-year-old from the Marches, who has been quadriplegic since 2014.” I am now starting to prepare everything – adds “Antonio” – in order to proceed quickly with assisted suicide “.