End of life, Marco Cappato investigated in Milan for suicide aid. The dossier followed by the same prosecutor of Dj Fabo

Yesterday he declared himself for helping Elena, 69, cancer patient, to reach Switzerland to die. Today the Milan prosecutor’s office registered, as usual after receiving a self-report (made yesterday to the carabinieri of the Duomo company), Marco Cappato for help with suicide. The treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association must answer to article 580 of the penal code which punishes “Anyone who causes others to commit suicide or reinforces the intention of others to commit suicide, or in any way facilitates its execution”. If suicide occurs, the offense is punishable by “imprisonment from five to 12 years”.

The dossier is dealt with by the sixth Department of the Milanese prosecutor led by the adjunct Tiziana Siciliano, the magistrate protagonist of the Cappato trial for assisting in the suicide of Dj Fabo, which will have as its first task to assess the territorial jurisdiction. If he believed that the crime was committed abroad, the investigation would remain in Milan (where Cappato is resident), if instead the assessment was that the ‘civil disobedience’ in favor of the Venetian pensioner began in municipality of Spinea (where the woman lived) – Cappato drove the car to the clinic in Basel – then to deal with the matter would be the prosecutor of Venice.

In fact, it is not the first time that Cappato has found himself in this situation: it had already happened in 2017, when he had helped Fabiano Antoniani to access assisted suicide in Switzerland. “Five years ago in this same carabinieri barracks I went to tell the modalities of the aid to dj Fabo. From there – Cappato said yesterday – a judicial process began that led to the legalization of suicide aid in Italy but only for one type of sufferer. Parliament could have taken over in recent years, the Constitutional Court he asked for it on several occasions ”. Regarding the possibility of detention, Cappato replied: “I hope and prefer that, as civil disobedience has paved the way for Dj Fabo, today’s goal is not confrontation or victimhood or martyrdom, but the hope that , if the parliamentary halls have not done so, may the courtrooms recognize a fundamental right like this. Knowing what the Italian law is like, in any case I am ready to face the consequences ”. That of the treasurer is in fact a new one civil disobedienceprecisely because Elena is not “kept alive by life-sustaining treatments”, therefore she does not fall within the cases provided for by the Constitutional Court judgment 242 \ 2019 on the Cappato \ Dj Fabo case for access to assisted suicide in Italy.

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