Endgame, Kevin Feige wanted to take out all the Avengers

Although death has a tendency to be temporary in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both major kills of Avengers: Endgame they remained permanent three years later. Aside from the Black Widow prequel film released in 2021, both Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark have remained in the grave since they reached their end on Vormir and Avengers Compound respectively. While analyzing Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor’s three-on-one fight against Endgame’s Thanos, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said they were taking advantage of the same unpredictability as the film’s predecessor achieved. They also explained that Kevin Feige had other ideas regarding the deaths in Avengers: Endgame.

The words of the Russo brothers

That’s what the film is all about, right? We knew the audience felt that way. We were deeply aware by exiting Infinity War that we would put them in a position where they felt like no one was safe.“, he said Joe Russo to Happy Sad Confused. “And there were many rumors about who would die ”.

The loss of two OGs to Endgame certified the film as one of the most consequential installments of the franchise, but if the president of Marvel Kevin Feige had he had his way, the casualties would have tripled. “Kevin actually pitched at one point and knocked all the OGs off the board”Joe Russo said in an interview. “We believed that it was too aggressive and that audiences would not be able to process that, and that choosing just one or two characters to sacrifice during the film could give us moments during the screening where the action stops and you could have an emotional catharsis and then continue with the narration, and then add another emotional catharsis ”.

Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time, holding that title for over a year before Avatar claimed its number one spot with a reissue. Since his latest installment as Iron Man, Downey has made an appearance in a feature film, playing the lead role in 2020’s Dolittle. RDJ’s next starring role will arrive in Oppenheimer next summer, his first collaboration with the acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. Endgame is currently streaming on Disney +.

Avengers Endgame 10th Anniversary Marvel Studios (DVD)

Avengers Endgame 10th Anniversary Marvel Studios (DVD)

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  • best opening weekend ever
  • second highest grossing ever globally
  • Anthony Russo (Conductor)

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