Enel EssenzialMente 2022 bonus for those who reduce consumption

Here comes the Enel EssenzialMente bonus recognized to those who until December 2022 will use electricity carefully, limiting consumption compared to 2021.

The new bonus rewards those who consume less and grants a discount of 10 cents for each kWh saved in the months of October, November and December 2022 compared to what was consumed in the corresponding quarter of 2021.

In this guide, we explain how the Enel EssenzialMente 2022 bonus works, who is entitled to it, how much it is and how to get it.


The Enel EssenzialMente bonus is recognized in the form of cost reduction in the bill for citizens who demonstrate a savings in the last quarter of 2022 compared to the same months of the previous year. In essence, Enel has promoted a discount on the first bills of 2023, equal to 10 cents for each kWh spared in months of October, November and December 2022. To join the initiative, no request must be made. The bonus, in fact, is automatically recognized by the second useful bill of 2023 or, in the event of withdrawal or transfer, with the closing bill, provided there are a series of requirements. Let’s find out what the Enel EssenzialMente bonus is and how it works.


Those who:

  • they are holders of Enel supplies which will be active as of December 31, 2022 with fixed price offers. In the event of withdrawal, transfer or transition to free market offers with price structure and contractual conditions regulated in the period of the initiative, the bonus will be recognized only for the months for which a reduction in consumption was recorded before the aforementioned changes;

  • they saved Kwh in the months of October, November and December 2022 compared to the same period of the year 2021.

If you want to know the consumption history on your bills, you can find it in the Customer Area on the Enel website. Therefore, starting from mid-November 2022 you will be able to check if you are saving and if you are entitled to the EssenzialMente bonus.


“EssenzialMente” is an initiative that helps save on bills and can earn a small bonus for those who consume less. For those entitled to the Enel Energia bonus will arrive directly in the bill in 2023 in the form of a discount equal to € 0.10 for each KWh saved in the months of October, November and December 2022 compared to what was consumed in the corresponding months of the year 2021. The bonus will be recognized:

  • in the months in which the average value of the single national price (PUN) will be higher than 400 euros per MWh. The PUN is the wholesale reference price of electricity purchased on the Italian Power Exchange and its trend is always available on the website of the Energy Market Manager (GME);

  • in the presence of real consumption data (not estimated). If the customer has signed a contract with Enel Energia for less than 12 months, the consumption data are compared with the historical data of his POD (identification code of the supply point), if available in the Integrated Information System.


The new Enel EssenzialMente bonus will arrive within the second useful bill of 2023 or, in case of withdrawal or transfer, with the closing bill.


There is no need to submit any application to obtain the Enel EssenzialMente bonus. Enel also specifies that you will not have to sign anything or subscribe to loyalty programs and you will not even have to go anywhere to get this discount against expensive energy.


The energy crisis that our country is experiencing requires everyone to implement virtuous behaviors for energy saving. This, in order to mitigate its effects and counter the increase in energy costs. In this context, the Enel Energia bonus. The company also released a vademecum on how to save energy keeping in mind a few simple rules to follow at home, namely:

  • disconnect power supplies from electrical outlets when not in use;
  • avoid leaving objects on in stand by mode;
  • do not forget to defrost the fridge and freezer as soon as ice formations appear;
  • start the appliances only when fully loaded and when you can in the most convenient time slot;
  • use LED bulbs;
  • appropriately regulate the temperature of the rooms without excesses;
  • keep the optimal temperature reached, avoiding dispersions;
  • choose the induction hob for cooking and heat pumps to heat and also appliances with a high energy class.

To find out all the ways to save energy, we recommend reading the section dedicated to the electrification of consumption by Enel, while if you want to know how to save gas, we recommend reading our in-depth analysis on the new ministerial guidelines.


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