Energy crisis, Germany fears a winter of protests: the alarm of the Jewish communities and the return of anti-Semitism and extremism

The Union of German Jewish Communitieslo Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschlandthrough the mouth of its president Josef Schuster issues a warning about the growth of anti-Semitism in Germany in connection with the crisis energy. “The problems are in most cases taken on board minorities. Jews are always involved, ”he told the newspapers of the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. “No-vax and self-styled ‘thinkers transversal‘in reference to the pandemic do not currently have one platform noteworthy – the agency reports his words AFP – but there are war in Ukraineand what worries me much more, the crisis energy. When in winter it’ll be cold these groups will attack and, as I fear, they will have success“.

Schuster’s words sound permeated by atavistic victimhood, but they are not without foundation. German statistics have already recorded in 2021 a increase of at least 29% of crimes anti-Semitesmostly attributable to protests against pandemic containment measures, rather than a neo-Nazism and disagreements over the conflict. The Federal Association of Research and Information Centers on Anti-Semitism RIAS he had been able to catalog only the tip of the iceberg, recording anyway – also thanks to three new ones collection centers and a larger database – 2,738 anti-Semitic actsan average of over seven per day.

The president of the Verfassungschutz of Thuringia, Stephan Kramerhe told the ZdF to fear in the autumn “a situation highly emotional and ready to violence with street protests infiltrated and conducted by extremists”, Adding as well as its counterpart Jörg Müllerhead of services of the Brandenburghas effectively talked about “a winter of rage“. The Interior Minister herself Nancy Faeser (Spd) declared: “The enemies of democracy are waiting to be able to abuse of the crisisto spread dissolution fantasies, fears and uncertainties“. And the professor Andreas Zick of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies on Conflict and Violence has already registered similarities in the slogans “Merkel must go” chanted by the populists at the beginning of the pandemic, with the verbal attacks of the square against the vice chancellor Robert Habeck in August.

A search for the broadcaster Frontal 21 of the Zdf already reported in June of this year the rise of anti-Semitism specifically in net. A land where Minister Faeser had already set out to intervene with greater firmness against the incitement to hatred. The relativization ofHolocausthowever, is back in vogue and also emerge unfounded accusations Jews for provoking or taking advantage of war in Ukraine.

In the Jewish communities themselves, Josef Schuster recalled, there are numerous members who have arrived both from Ukraine that from Russia after 1990. About 35 thousand out of 92 thousand. However, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict did not reproduce within the community: “There is a strong pro-Ukraine concord”. Behind the alarm it raises, therefore, there is also the awareness that the German Jewish communities have come to have one again numerical consistency comparable to that of before the Shoah thanks to the massive absorption of Jews from the former Soviet Union. They therefore risk embodying a scapegoat if the squares, artfully fed from the outside, were set on fire due to the tightening of the energy prices attributable to Russia. Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the usual summer meeting with the press, however, he defended the work of his government, reiterating that he had wisely chosen the expression “no one will walk alone”He said he was sure there won’t be popular uprisings for the high energy prices: “I do not think that in this country we will get to riots“.

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