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In 2015, talking about renewable energy was not as obvious as it is today. Nevertheless Ecolibrì, a Lombard company based in Agrate Brianza born as a spin-off of a family-run business since 1967, has chosen to focus on the sun and the wind, with the pioneering idea of ​​producing mini vertical axis wind generators capable of procuring useful energy for the operation of private homes and condominiums, hotels, restaurants, holiday farms, sports facilities or even schools.

“We have internally developed all the technological discourse, up to the realization of the first 3.5 kW prototype”, he tells ANSA Donatella Scarpa, CEO of Ecolibrì. A generator of these capacities, perfected by the company up to a hybrid system, solar and wind, can be ideal for supplying a home.

Thanks to the European regional development funds, obtained through the Techfast call of the Lombardy Region, and with a collaboration contract signed with the aerospace science and technology department of the Politecnico di Milano, Ecolibrì then managed to produce a 10 kW turbine, laying the foundations for an even more performing 20 kW turbine for the energy production of farms, hotels or sports facilities. “When we started, this was a truly pioneering project – he continues – since there was no anthology we had to study everything internally, all in love with this new hypothesis that we could realize”.

Sun and wind, Ecolibri mini wind generators in Lombardy ‘

With the passing of the years and the need to find more sustainable solutions, Ecolibrì products become more and more captivating in the eyes of the public who begins to take an interest: “To deeply understand where we start from and lead to the true ecological transition – explains Scarpa – which in our mission is to achieve self-production”. Because if it is true that Europe has a rather widespread electricity network, 70% of the world population still has no connection to the electricity and water networks.

Ecolibrì tries to offer complementary products, such as the thermodynamic boiler that works even in the absence of sun, or hybrid air conditioners. Together they can all coexist within the Ecosphera, the company’s new project. A geodesic structure combined with all Ecolibrì solutions of renewable energy in self-production, which becomes a self-powered housing unit by means of solar panels on the ground or flexible and self-sufficient from the water and electricity point of view. “We want to offer complete solutions”, Scarpa adds, underlining that, for example, “today one cannot fail to be interested in what electric mobility is”.


The company’s technical team has produced “our Ecocharge”, a charging station for electric cars that also stands in the Ecolibrì car park, available to employees. “It is not invasive – comments Scarpa – it has two charging points for two machines at the same time and the average charging time is 4 hours”. Ideal for corporate car parks, condominiums and hospitals, supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants, or a support for hotel customers. “We think we are at the right time to insert our systems”, continues Scarpa who then sends a message to Italian entrepreneurs: “Manufacturing Italy is an excellence recognized all over the world – he concludes – the important thing is to think about investing in research and development, because we in Italy have all the capabilities to become leaders in renewable energy. But the path is long and we must commit ourselves “.

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