England. Doctors called sappers to the hospital. All because of the youth missile | News from the world

The case was publicized by the daily “The Sun”. The said incident took place in a hospital in Gloucestershire, England. Frightened doctors called sappers to one of the new patients.

England. Doctors called sappers to a patient collecting unexploded bombs

Military experts specializing in neutralizing explosives went to the site. Doctors feared for their own and other patients’ lives – they thought that a mortar shell stuck in the man’s anus could explode.

The patient explained that the explosive had ended up in his body by accident. The man who collects the weapons claimed that, while browsing through his exhibits, he suddenly slipped and unfortunately fell on one of the mortar shells.

The sappers secured the entire hospital ward. After removing the material from the patient’s body, it turned out to be an anti-tank mortar shell measuring 17 by 6 cm. It came from the Second World War. Such missiles were used by the British Army during the military campaign in South Africa.

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“The assortment of items people stuff themselves into the anus is amazing”

After analyzing the missile, it turned out that it was unarmed. Therefore, it did not pose a threat to the environment, which cannot be said about the patient himself.

The doctor notes that the patient could die if the object pierced the intestine. In an interview with “The Sun”, doctors admitted that they did not believe the patient’s story about the accident. The assortment of items people stuffed into the anus is amazing, from wine glasses to ketchup bottles and vacuum cleaner components. This is the everyday life of ambulance workers. But I’ve never heard of a sapper squad being called for a similar reason, ”said Dr. Carol Cooper.

“As with any ammunition incident, proper safety protocols were followed to ensure there was no risk to patients, staff or visitors at any time,” added a spokesman for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

An anonymous source from the 11th Explosives Neutralization Regiment added that the missile “was solidly constructed”. “It was a thick, pointed lump of lead, designed to tear through the armor of a tank,” one of the soldiers said unofficially.

Information about the intervention in the hospital was also confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

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