enough war, if citizens in the square we will be there without flags

Giuseppe Conte, leader of M5s, former prime minister

Giuseppe Conte, leader of M5s, former prime minister – Ansa

On the day when Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini illustrated the contents of the fifth inter-ministerial decree for the supply of arms to Ukraine, Giuseppe Conte, M5s leader, joins his voice to those who are thinking of a national mobilization for peace and expresses the hope that “citizens who live with concern over the ongoing military escalation may find themselves demonstrating to invoke a negotiating turn that puts an end to the conflict”. This wish is formulated in an interview with Avvenire which will be available in tomorrow’s edition, 5 October. “The obsession with a hypothetical military victory over Russia, which in the meantime continues in its heinous and unjustifiable policy of aggression, is not worth the risk of an escalation even with recourse to the use of nuclear and unconventional weapons and to face a severe economic depression from which it will be difficult to get out ”. According to the former premier, who hopes for a demonstration “without flags”, the initiative would not weaken Italy’s international position: “On the contrary, it would strengthen Italy’s leading role on the path of diplomacy, involving the other EU partners and leaving this situation in which Europe is ‘not achieved’, as it is totally flattened on an Anglo-American strategy ”.

In the interview, the M5s leader addresses the issue of the energy crisis and the high bills, the debate on citizenship income, the first steps of Giorgia Meloni and the confrontation-clash on the so-called “progressive field”.

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