“Enough! You can’t poison yourself for these things”

Rudy Zerbi throws a new gauntlet to Sissi and Luigi causing Alex’s hard reaction.

On the occasion of the new episode of Friends evening, Rudy Zerbi launched a new gauntlet that will see Sissi and Luigi Strangis as protagonists. Gauntlet that however caused the harsh reaction from Alexwho never missed an opportunity to criticize the school teacher.

LDA and Alex compared after Zerbi’s decision to Amici

In yesterday’s daytime Friends 21, Rudy Zerbi threw a gauntlet to Sissi. The very good singer of the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro will have to clash with Luigi on the piece Destra-Sinistra by Gaber. A really difficult from an interpretative point of viewwhich resulted in the Alex’s reaction:

Rudy always tends to make his own stand out and throw anything on others. We have already seen this. As does Celentano too. You (LDA ed) are not in the same position as me. You complained and bitched about Anna too. Rudy never said anything to me in the afternoon and then he tells me about every one at the Evening. He gave me 10, 8, 7 and then at the Evening he finds anything to break my bums. I got involved and this is never emphasized. Everyone compliments you.

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The words of Alexhowever, they didn’t like them at all LDA And Luigi. If the latter has revealed that he is aware that the Cuccarini you find it scarce in writing, Gigi D’Alessio’s son blurted out and tried to give advice to Cosmary’s boyfriend:

You spend all day thinking about what Rudy tells you. Anna also says I can’t write, but I don’t care. Arrived at a certain point, that’s enough. I sing to myself. Only Lorella compliments me. Don’t poison yourself for Rudy. You get lost behind these things, there will always be wrong things. Go out crazy like this, I tell you!

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