Enrique Iglesias is back: this is the video clip of the song with Maria Becerra, in which they recreate a scene from “Pulp Fiction”

Archive image of singer Enrique Iglesias during a performance. EFE/EPA/Marton Monas
Archive image of singer Enrique Iglesias during a performance. EFE/EPA/Marton Monas

Worn by Enrique Iglesias over 1 year Without presenting new music. But that situation ended a week ago with his first collaboration with one of the greatest artists of our time, Maria Becerra.he single, of the title this is life, It was confirmed return From the singer to the microphone.

to the rhythm of bachata direct darts In the heart of the most romantic person. Here’s how followers of both artists received this latest work. In that sense, the song begins with raw and firm words about the singer’s own future in life. “This is life, God’s treasure, it’s like a poker game with everything on the line,” Iglesias sings. But the lyrics go even further. And probably anyone who has it, a forgotten heart Listening to Becerra’s poems left me in complete pain. “We still love each other in different ways, because that’s life and it tests you,” says the Argentine. This song is perfect for depicting unhappiness in love. Therefore, the scene within the video clip is they couldn’t get off strength of character.

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The video clip was first released on October 5th. perfect compliment For romantics. Sometimes relationships bring stress, cause conflicts and inevitably torment the main character. In this context, love doesn’t go away, but neither do problems. And this is something that is taken to an extreme in the following video clip. this is life.

Iglesias and Becerra are the main characters in this scene. However, at the same time as he appears, another scene of another couple facing each other also appears. Surreal dangers and challenges. In fact, one of his sequences recreates a couple’s decision to jump off the roof of a cafeteria. more famous of pulp section. Therefore, the outside world seems to disappear, and adversity continues to threaten the lovers. But despite everything, love resists. A couple on the run try to prove this.

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Initially, few would have expected this artist duo to collaborate. But the audience said: The topic is success. “We were waiting, but it exceeded our expectations. Congratulations. We succeeded. The perfect duo,” commented a user on the social network.

and this is lifeProduced by Carlos Paucar and mastered by Randy Merrill, Iglesias once again managed to conquer the masses. And it looks like this is just the first dose of his next project.Thus, the audience is already looking forward to the album Final volume 2, This is a project that includes powerful songs. very emotional ballada characteristic feature of the singer.

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