Entrepreneur forced to refuse orders because he cannot find employees. “After a week they get sick for three”

“I am forced to refuse job orders due to lack of personnel who, despite being optimally paid, prefer to receive citizenship income”. To speak outspoken and disheartened by the situation in which the company finds himself Elia Stevanato, 38 years old, owner of the homonymous company that has over 60 employees and works throughout Italy in the field of joints that are installed on bridges and highways. The company – reads the Gazzettino – was started in 1979 with his father Maurizio who with only 6 employees specialized in cutting walls then in 2010 the turning point with the taking over of the company by his son Elia who revolutionized the company target specializing in resin injections for water infiltrations. Another company revolution in 2017 with the hiring of skilled labor for the construction and installation of the joints. After the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, the maintenance and installation of the joints in all infrastructure has been raised to exponential levels and this has allowed Stevanato to acquire work orders for the joints of bridges, tunnels, subways and in many works by the Mose of Venice.

The alarm of the artisans: electricians and welders have disappeared

At the Mose of Venice for example, they are present with construction sites for resin injections for infiltrations, in Pellestrina in the technical rooms and after the storm of 2015 for the exchange door (in practice they are rooms created underwater for the operation of the Mose system). In Chioggia both for coring and for the new housings of the fenders for ships. Other construction sites are in Sicily with the Syracuse-Gela motorway, the Palermo-Catania high-speed train, several highways, the Naples underground, the Bari eco-center, the Lecco tunnels.

Banner in front of the company

«Do you want to work?», Appears in a mega banner at the entrance of the company which is located in Salzano in via Roma. «There are cases that are incredible – says the entrepreneur Elia Stevanato – with employees who get sick for three weeks after a week of work candidly saying that they need that period for the examination of the license or to those who send the tax visit here they find the family doctor who immediately justifies the absence of the worker with the presence in his clinic “. Stevanato is worried about the generations of young people who, driven by citizenship income and the carousel of easy diseases, do not believe in the values ​​of work and sacrifice. “My company is like a family – he points out – if some of my employees need a credit instead of going to ask the bank, they come to me and find a solution, unfortunately they lack the desire and humility to learn”.


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