Environment rejects a second macro solar plant between Catadou and Algeira

Environment rejects a second macro solar plant between Catadou and AlgeiraLIFT-EMV

The Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenges has issued an Adverse Environmental Impact Statement for construction project An 80 MW mega solar plant that took over the area of ​​Les Pedrises de Catedau and it had a second physically separate area located in the municipality of Algeira – together it adds up to a surface of close to 180 hectares – while The green signal has been given to the second 55 MW power project in Lombai municipality. Harbor Maestrat 3 is the developer of both power plants, which are jointly processed under the name of “Catadou” in the case of the former, and “Valentia Adetanotum” in the case of the one located in Mala de Llombai.

The report submitted by the General Directorate for the Natural Environment and Environmental Assessment of the Generalitat Valenciana has been critical of the ministry for rejecting the larger of the two projects because, on the one hand, it warns that it is located on “strategic forest” land. . Based on the Forest Territorial Action Plan of the Valencian Community (Patfor), while the 30 kv line that joins the two areas, separated by 14 km, affects not only strategic forest lands, but also forests with various public utilities such as that Matmon, The Mount and Garofera.

The resolution also warns of the “excessive” impact of a line on public utility forests.

« This forest area is of decisive importance for its contribution to shelter and development natural, landscape or cultural values ​​whose restoration, protection or maintenance is in the general interest”. points to the resolution published in the BOE, which warns of the “excessive impact” of the evacuation line due to its length and cautions that “preference should be given to sites with more suitable ecological characteristics so that without degrading the existing natural This type of infrastructure can be traced back to the ecosystem.

On the other hand, and in response to the promoter’s allegations, the ministry said that setting up a photovoltaic solar plant “It is not compatible with the values ​​and functions of the forestry public domain” And, with regard to the area of ​​the power station which is located in the municipality of Algeira, it concludes that it is also appropriate to report adversely “because it assumes a strong change of the physical reality of the space that is included within the PORN”. Albufeira Hydrographic Basin.

The construction project for these two plants had generated a protest movement in Katadau and El Maxat, led by the Salveme les Pedrises platform, while the Catadaú City Council saw it as an alternative and, in fact, had to consider the area as a municipal settlement. The suspension of the license was ordered in November 2021 due to pressure from individual companies to explore plants with these characteristics given the proximity of the Catdaw electrical substation.

60 crore investment

The Harbor Maestrat 3 company last summer put on public display these two projects, which together cover about 300 hectares and represent an investment of 60 million euros. In the process, other companies with photovoltaic projects in the area and the Algeira City Council itself expressed their disapproval. It happens that only a few days ago the ministry granted prior administrative authorization to a mega-plant that occupies land in both Catadou and Algeira, promoted by the multinational X-Elio through the vehicle company Gandasolar.

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