Epidemiologist advocates use of ‘appropriate’ masks ‘when necessary’

Madrid, January 9 (EFE) – The Spanish Epidemiological Society (SEE) on Tuesday advocated the use of “appropriate” masks “when necessary” to combat the rise in respiratory infections and to halt the increase in sick leave Healthcare saturation.

In this moment of increased transmission of influenza and other respiratory illnesses, SEE wants to remember the “make the most of” pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical measures that can help and should serve as lessons learned from this outbreak. Coronavirus disease pandemic.

It therefore commits to increasing influenza and covid-19 vaccination coverage, maintaining adequate ventilation of premises and homes, and adapting health systems to peaks in increased incidence, “not just this year, but in all seasons of respiratory viruses”.

The epidemiologists also recommend “the use of appropriate masks when necessary,” attention to handwashing and hygiene, avoiding social interactions when symptoms occur, and “ensuring that sick leave does not increase healthcare saturation.”

The Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Health Management (SEMPSPGS) considers it “strongly recommended” to wear a mask when in public health and social hygiene centers and in closed spaces such as cinemas, schools, universities, workplaces or on public transport, regardless of the presence of symptoms .

Public health experts recommend making masks mandatory in medical centers, “limiting primary care staff visits to patients and implementing appropriate rotations,” encouraging vaccinations and facilitating work with mild cases.

They also urged adjustments to air-conditioning systems to reduce the risk of the spread of respiratory infections “albeit at the cost of energy efficiency” and a shift to health systems based on prevention rather than reaction.

They concluded that situations like the current one were “avoidable” if care response plans for possible seasonal waves, establishing levels of care and strengthening care and non-pharmacological treatments, were approved each September. Interventions.

Finally, the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians (Semergen) “deeply” regrets the measures taken by the health authorities in recent days, a situation that professionals have been warning about since December.

Semergen recommends the use of masks in health centers, not only for symptomatic patients but also for those with pre-existing conditions or who have been in contact with susceptible people; in any case, he advises to only seek them out “if it is truly necessary” them to avoid crashes.

Regarding reasonable self-discharge, this scientific association supports this measure as it will help simplify bureaucracy for primary care professionals.Effie


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