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November 25 is the International Day against Violence against Women, established in 1999 by the United Nations in memory of the three Mirabal sisters, revolutionary heroines of the Dominican Republic who were assassinated on that date in 1960.

The Camera del Lavoro of Savona – Belle Ciao for gender equality, the Spi Savona Women’s Coordination (Italian Pensioners Union) and the Auser Gender Equality Observatory have produced the spot “Domani” for the occasion, a video clip of Camilla Floreancig and Rocco Malfanti who places the gaze of others on themselves at the center of the debate.

The video, presented today in the Sala Rossa of the Municipality of Savona after a greeting from the mayor Marco Russo, was followed by the work produced by two fifth graders of the Mazzini da Vinci Institute – Savona, a series of video interviews in which boys and especially girls they recount some episodes in which they were afraid: from the jealous boyfriend who would like to prevent “his” sweetheart from attending a party to unpleasant encounters with strangers on the street, the road against discrimination in Italy is still long.

A road that, recalls the provincial secretary of the CGIL Andrea Pasa, necessarily passes through young people, their education and also from work, an irreplaceable tool of emancipation that guarantees that economic and thought freedom necessary to free oneself from conditions of submission: according to statistics, observes Pasa, not having a job increases the risk of suffering situations of violence three times. In Italy, a woman is killed every 72 hours, without particular distinctions of status: in fact, recalls Pasa, victims and aggressors belong to all social classes.

Not only young women are at risk, recalled the contact person for gender policies of Auser Savona Anna Traverso: what is consumed too often against older women is called “silent violence”, but that doesn’t hurt less. And from the monitoring of one of the most advanced Italian regions on the issue of gender equality, Tuscany, it emerges that 35 percent of feminicides see elderly women as victims.

The subject does not leave the new generations indifferent, who were the protagonists of the event this morning: two eighteen-year-olds, Alessia and Massimo, demonstrated that they have clear ideas when illustrating the work they presented in the Sala Rossa. “This project – observed Alessia – allowed us to understand the problem, and the importance of rights. Our generation has the potential to change things” while Massimo as a man poses an important ethical problem: “it is unthinkable that there are men who beat, rape, kill. We males have to ask ourselves what we can do”.

Answering him was Elena Pioppo, a psychologist at the Savonese ASL 2 who recalls the Spanish model: despite being a country “with a macho culture” like Italy, Spain has put in place a series of initiatives involving the school and the male world, managing to reduce violence and increase complaints.
The recipe is simple and widespread: several hours a week of meetings on the theme of gender equality in schools, support for women who report, controls against the sexualization of the female body in commercials, specific laws such as the recently approved one, “Only yes yes” (only yes means yes), and as many as 106 courts dedicated to gender-based violence.

A model that would be useful to replicate as soon as possible in our country as well.

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