Equipment approved by the assembly guarantees the safety of Salvadorans

With 63 votes, lawmakers agreed to support stronger outcomes in terms of security, after El Salvador had accumulated 365 days without a murder, for which they favored protecting the lives of all Salvadorans. made an announcement on the work done. and honest.

The implementation of various security strategies and tactics, such as the execution of different phases of the Territorial Control Plan and the application of the exception regime, have been tools that have allowed the population to have peace of mind.

In this regard, Christian Guevara, head of the Nuevas Ideas faction, asked the legislators to appreciate the work done by the Armed Forces, agents of the National Civil Police, employees of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and to recognize them. ) and to all the heroes who have done their duty so that we can have a year without violent deaths.

Congresswoman Ana Figueroa expressed that 365 days can be seen as another figure, but it represents the number of families who no longer cry for their slain relatives, and the number of students who attend schools. But today they return to their homes. In previous governments, people who accidentally boarded a bus route or entered another locality were killed.

According to the MP, with strategies promoted by the government and supported by the Assembly, it is currently possible to circulate freely through the streets regardless of the address embedded in the Unique Identification Document (DUI).

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