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Recep Tayyp Erdogan flew to Ukraine from Volodymyr Zelensky to try to open the doors to the long-awaited negotiation. Turkey was and remains “at the side of Ukrainian friends”, its unequivocal message directed to Moscow, accompanied at the same time by its willingness to host the parties again to discuss a ceasefire. For Erdogan, the mission to Ukraine, which was also attended by the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, it also served to keep the spotlight on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, dangerously at the center of the conflict: “We don’t want a new Chernobyl”, was his appeal. The first face-to-face with Zelensky since the beginning of the war has allowed Erdogan to consolidate his role as the most accredited mediator between Kiev and Moscow.

“We support the integrity and territorial sovereignty of Ukraine”, underlined the Turkish president at a press conference. Sealing the visit with an agreement for the reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. To Zelensky’s satisfaction, he called the sultan’s visit a “powerful message of support” to Ukraine. However, Erdogan also turned to Vladimir Putin, saying he was ready to host the peace negotiations that began in Istanbul but abruptly stopped. With Zelensky and Guterres “we talked about the steps we can take to end the war”, and the Turkish leader will inform his Russian colleague of this. At the end of the trilateral, however, the other parties did not show the same optimism. According to a UN spokesman, Farhan Haq, “concrete negotiations are still a long way off”. While Zelensky was even clearer: “The people who kill, rape, hit our cities every day cannot want peace. They should first leave our territory, then we’ll see.”


Central to Lviv was also the Zaporizhzhia dossier. “Any potential damage” to the plant “is suicide,” warned Guterres, according to whom an agreement is needed for the demilitarization of the plant. But the situation does not seem close to a solution, also because Moscow and Kiev continue to exchange accusations of launching raids on the plant. Furthermore, both the Russians and the Ukrainians argue that the enemy is preparing a “provocation” at the plant for tomorrow, while Guterres will still be in Ukraine. In fact, tomorrow the UN secretary is planning a visit to the port of Odessa, to view the status of departures with ships loaded with grain. The agreement signed in July holds and is “unprecedented”, underlined Guterres from Lviv. Both Erdogan and Zelensky confirmed that things are going well and that more than 600,000 tons of cereals have been exported so far. The agreement on wheat remains the only good news at the moment after almost six months of conflict. On the ground, at this stage, Russia continues to keep the pressure high on all fronts of the conflict, not only in the Donbass (there are new raids in Kharkiv, with at least 12 deaths in an apartment building), without however obtaining a substantial advance . The Ukrainian government described a situation of “strategic stalemate”, in which “the Russians have made only minimal progress and in some cases” the defense forces have “advanced compared to last month”, especially in the south. Without forgetting the various hits landed far beyond enemy lines, up to the Crimea. Just as news of suspicious fires at an ammunition depot arrived from the Russian region of Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine.


Russia’s war against Ukraine has reached a “strategic deadlock“He affirmed it Oleksiy Arestovych, high adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video taken by the Guardian. “The Russian forces only got it minimal progress and in some cases we have advanced from last month. What we are seeing is a ‘strategic stalemate’, “Arestovych explained.Australia meanwhile he has denied a site previously assigned to Russia for a new one embassy to Canberrto. This decision comes after the non-completion of the construction 14 years after the acquisition of the site and for the fear of the involvement of the Russian secret services in the technological installations. The Australian newspaper reports, specifying that the National Capital Authority has given the Russian Federation 20 days to clear the site, which will be returned to the area available for diplomatic missions. The newspaper reports that the embassy had tried to use its contractors over the past two years to control the work of local businesses, but the Department of Home Affairs denied them entry, claiming that the staff included members of the secret services. The decision follows the sanctions imposed by the Australian government on more than 500 Russian companies and citizens after the invasion of Ukraine.

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