Erdogan wants to mediate in mediation between Russia and Ukraine

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Turkey is ready to preside over mediation between Russia and Ukraine, Reuters Agency said, citing Turkish news channels.

Regardless of whether Turkey was to mediate joint talks or conduct them separately with both parties, we want to be part of the dispute resolution Erdogan said, returning from his visit to Turkmenistan.

We want relations between Ukraine and Russia to develop in a positive direction. I hope this region will not be dominated by war – added the President of Turkey, quoted by the Daily Sabah.

On November 16, Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, during which bilateral relations between the two countries and the development of regional events were discussed.

Thanks to our cooperation with Turkey, we have already strengthened our army. The planned free trade agreement will significantly strengthen our economy – President Zelenskiy wrote on Twitter.

Ukraine uses Turkish drones in battles fought in the east of the country against Russia-backed separatists, and Turkish authorities have criticized Russia’s annexation of Crimea and expressed support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the Daily Sabah reported.

Turkish-Russian relations are characterized by deep military cooperation and different positions on the issues of wars fought in Libya and Syria, where states actively support hostile sides. In 2019, however, Ankara bought a fourth-generation Russian S-400 missile system, endangering relations with other NATO members. In September this year, Erdogan also announced his willingness to cooperate with the Kremlin in the construction of fighters and submarines, and admitted that his administration “aims to further develop bilateral relations with Russia.”

Zelenskiy informed on Friday about intelligence information that indicates that Russia is preparing a coup in Ukraine. The country’s authorities also informed about the concentration of approx. 90 thousand Russian soldiers near the border of both countries. Citing intelligence, it also pointed to the existence of specific plans suggesting a re-invasion of Ukraine by Russia this winter.

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