Erika Schneider cries when confirming breakup with Bil Araújo

Former A Fazenda and digital influencer Erika Schneider (31) touched her fans by appearing very emotional in her Instagram stories. She recorded a video to confirm the end of her relationship with the ex-BBB and ex-A Fazenda Bil Araújo (30). The split was announced last weekend.

In the videos of the stories, Erika appeared with her eyes full of tears and commented on the breakup. “Me and Bil aren’t dating anymore. It wasn’t a decision that came from me, it came from him. I think everyone lives a moment of their life. I’m sad, I’m bad, but it will pass. I believe a lot in God, and I hope he is very happy, may God be with him and bless him a lot“, she said.

At another time, she posted a text on the subject. “Every relationship ending is difficult, but in the end it’s always okay. Bil is an amazing person and he really deserves to be happy. May God bless him and the whole family. I hope you respect and understand this moment of ours. Thank you for everyone’s love“, wrote.

Finally, she also thanked for the support she received from fans at this delicate time. “I really want to thank you all for the love, who send me messages, who care about me. Thank you so much to the fans and people who like me”, he stated.

Bil Araújo announced the separation on the web

The separation of Bil Araújo and Erika Schneider was announced by him with a text on social networks last weekend.

He said: “From now on, Erika and I will follow other paths, now as friends. I ask you to respect this moment very much. Thank you for everyone who cheered and continue to cheer. Love you”.

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