Erotica and a stellar cast in this psychological thriller on Prime Video

When David Fincher in 2014 directed Gone Girl – The lying lovegave new life to a genre that has always been loved in Hollywood, namely the erotic / psychological thriller, capable of combining sensuality, suspense and unforgettable characters.

In the following years, numerous directors attempted to replicate the success of the film with Rosamund Pike, with results that did not always live up to expectations (The girl on the train with Emily Blunt is a perfect example of this, despite the proven ability of the actress).

In 2022, it was released on Prime Video though a new psychological thriller which for cast, direction and plot (it is in fact based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, queen of American thrillers) gave hope for the birth of a new cult.

A stellar cast for the psychological thriller to watch on Prime Video, between eroticism and suspense

The production choices (Hulu) were in fact particularly accurate.

The direction was entrusted to a master of erotic thriller, Adrian Lyne, returned behind the camera for the occasion after a twenty-year hiatus. Lyne is the author of unforgettable films such as Indecent Proposal, Nine and a Half Weeks, And Fatal Attractionin which he has always succeeded in combining highly erotic elements with others of great tension, enhancing each other.

The cast also boasts top-level performers, such as Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Ben Affleck he has a long career behind him, studded with roles that have entered the common imagination com Batman And Pearl Harbor, but he is also a master of thriller cinema; after all, it is the husband grappling with the Machiavellian plan of the beautiful and psychopathic wife in Gone Girl.

Ana de Armasfor her part, has long demonstrated her prowess as an actress (both in Dinner with crime that in Blonde), earning the respect of colleagues of the caliber of Jamie Lee Curtis. Despite a career that, considering the premises, can still be said to be in its infancy, he is therefore one of the new top names in the film industry.

In Deep waterAffleck and De Armas interpret a wealthy bourgeois couple, with a nine-year-old daughter, Trixie. He has earned enough from the sale of a chip to be able to afford not to work (his main hobby seems to be snail farming); she enjoys life as a comfortable housewife, between lavish parties and, it soon becomes clear, not entirely innocent flirts.

The husband does not appear too disturbed by the ambiguous behavior of his wife, stating that he has the utmost confidence in her. Some events, however, throw a sinister light on the relationship between husband and wife in which the very young Trixie is, against her will, prematurely involved.

Great actors, astronomical budget and an established plot: are they enough to make a good film?

Despite the excellent premise, deep waters did not completely convince audiences and critics.

Ana de Armas is sparkling and sensual as required by her character, but the development of the film seems to relegate her to the annoying role of a silly spoiled wife with nymphomaniac tendencies. Unlike Gone Girlmoreover, in Deep water there is almost never room for the point of view of the female part, which therefore turns out to be a rather flat and superficial character despite the skill of De Armas.

Also the role of Affleck does not particularly shineoften ending up exaggerating the apathetic and glacial component of the character (even in the erotic scenes, which are too cold and not very involved)

Even the plot, moreover, does not seem very credible, and does not present a real twist (unless one considers its absence as the trait most capable of surprising the viewer), even if there are some moments of black humor appreciable.

Definitely, Deep water is a product with great potential which unfortunately did not lead to the desired result, positioning itself in the wake of faded copies of Gone Girl. However, mostly thanks to the presence of iconic actors, it can represent a good alternative for an evening without too many pretensions.

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