Ertaxe García highlights the management of EU funds in Segovia

Ertex Garcia, President of the Progressive Alliance of European Socialists and Democrats, said this on Monday His support for PSOE candidate and current mayor, Clara Martin, whom he cited as an example of “good management” in attracting the next generation of European funds linked to the Spanish government’s recovery, transformation and resilience plan. Garcia recallede Martin’s socialist government has received 17.6 million euros (345 euros per inhabitant) for the execution of various projects related to the environment, mobility, restoration of historical heritage, tourist diversification, sustainability and innovation in Segovia, among others In.

The spokesperson for the Socialists in the European Parliament said, “The socialist municipal team led by Clara Martin is a clear example of how to do things well, how to commit to your city and look to the future with hope and optimism.” how to be seen.” The doors of the Jardín de los Zuloaga, where he saw a show by Teatro Arbole within the framework of the 37th edition of the Titirimundi International Festival, in the company of Clara Martin and other members of the socialist candidacy.

“Spain is becoming an example in the management of the EU in difficult moments of crisis such as we are now experiencing with the war [en Ucrania] And before that with the pandemic. (…) This can be done by supporting investment, development, infrastructure and all initiatives that support citizens”, said the Socialist MEP, who stressed that cities such as Segovia under the PSOE government could be an example. Demonstrating good stewardship and commitment to our neighbors.” Segovia – the European parliamentarian has insisted – is a clear example. It will be 17.6 million euros from the recovery fund that will come to the city of Segovia, thanks to the management of its government team, its mayor, who is concerned, has ideas, has made proposals and has made a commitment. Clearly a fund to use that will have an impact and result in an improvement in people’s lives in terms of support for the environment, sustainability, heritage…”

according to iRatxe García, “This instrument promoted by the Social Democrats in the European Parliament has only found roadblocks by the PP. They have only created problems for some of the funds that are more necessary than ever to change the economic, industrial and environmental model ” our city.”

“We only expect the PP to help, to help and if they are not going to do that, then stop bothering, because it seems like the only thing they want to do is talk about our country.” I have to speak so that these funds are more and more difficulties and that is very little. Patriot,” he continued.

“Patriotism is shown not only by putting bracelets on your arm, but by betting on initiatives that are good for our neighbors, whoever governs, because institutions will pass, but investments will remain, and They will live in the municipality.” Segovia thanks to a municipal team led by Clara Martin, a clear example of how to do things well, how to commit to your city and how to look to the future with hope and optimism “.

For her part, Clara Martin thanked the visit of the Socialist spokesperson in the European Parliament to Segovia on the day the curtain fell on Titirimundi, which once again turned out to be a resounding success with 98% of tickets sold . and a great influx of people through the streets and squares of Segovia.

“It shows that the commitment of Titirimundi to Segovia is a model of success. The Segovia City Council will always support this type of initiative, with a direct contribution of those 100,000 Euros so as to reverse the public investment with the best economic development of Segovia For quality tourism that also generates wealth for the hotel sector in Segovia”.

Clara Martin highlights that Segovia is a city where culture lives with a capital letter, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, attracted by its heritage and the vast cultural offering it offers. “Unlike PP, we have a project, we continue to work and of course, we have realities. Titirimundi nobody is questioning it, nobody is questioning it and what did It must be known that the Junta de Castilla y León of PP and Vox give these direct subsidies once and for all, with this festival create a project for the future, and that it gives you security over time and allows us this year Not to be like that the festival has been organized without the economic consignment knowing that they were going to part of the autonomous government.

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