Esdem delivers ‘magic’ and ‘superpowers’ in Plaza Mayor

On the occasion of World Multiple Sclerosis Day, which is observed on Tuesday, 30 May Salamanca Association of Multiple Sclerosis (Asdem) will set up an information table in the city’s Plaza Mayor, next to City Hall, to give visibility to the disease and share a day of awareness and coexistence.

Like last year, this year also the motto will be “We are a people with superpowers”, with which it seeks to emphasize the number of challenges so-called “The disease with a thousand faces”. Also, people will wear similar clothes like in the previous edition. “Super Esdem”, And props available to those who wish to join them, and can even be photographed in photo call thematic.

magic exists in esdem

To promote this playful and empowering nuance of the day, and to value the work of asdam, Activities will revolve around the secondary motto “Magic exists in Assad.” For this reason, activities open to all citizens will be offered, with magic as the common thread.

To make them a reality, this year in Acedem, in addition to the Santiago Uno School House, there is the participation of two institutions from Salamanca, specifically the Rodríguez Fabres Integrated Professional Training Center and the Institute of Applied Education (IEA) of Salamanca.

activity schedule

  • From 11 am to 7:30 pm- Information table with solidarity corner in Plaza Mayor (arcade, next to town hall door).
  • From 12 noon to 2 pm- creative makeup, Carried out by students of the Intermediate Training Cycle of Aesthetics and Aesthetics taught at the Rodríguez Fabres Integrated Professional Training Center, of Salamanca.
  • 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm- Performance by the Circus School of Santiago Uno School, Which will present a street show with stilt walkers, juggling, magic, percussion, break dance…
  • From 7 to 7.30 pm – Manifesto reading, With the main demands raised by Multiple Sclerosis Spain (EME), of which ASDEM is a part, and whose motto is “For a life with more opportunities”, Claims.
  • Available on Asdem’s social networks.- Video made by students of the advanced training cycle in Communicative Meditation taught at the Instituto de Enseñanzas Aplicadas (IEA), signing the motto of the day and the powerful messages in Sign Language Spain (LSE).

Some facts about MS

multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative diseases, chronic, heterogeneous and unpredictable, Therefore, generally, those affected live with uncertainty. They often have nonspecific symptoms that may come, go, or intensify.

Social Security after diagnosis It is essential for the vital development of people with MS, as it facilitates access to greater opportunities (rights, supports, services and benefits) in terms of employment, study, care, removal of barriers, inclusion…

MS affects all levels in a very specific way working life. Access to employment or maintaining a job after diagnosis remains the most pressing issue related to the family’s economy.

More about Asdam

Salamanca Association of Multiple Sclerosis (ACEDEM) Is part of Asprods Group. It has a residence service, psychology, social work, loan of assistive products and advice on access to homes, service for the promotion of personal autonomy (SEPAP), rehabilitation, physiotherapy …

Asdem’s philosophy supports people with multiple sclerosis and their families care given to the person and at different stages of the disease, with the aim of improving their quality of life.

Asdem’s headquarters is located on the street Corregidor Caballero Llanes, 9, Salamanca, And it is possible to contact the association via telephone number 923240101.

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