Esselunga lands in the center with its second shop, party in via Tomacelli-


At the inauguration, also Giuliana Caprotti, widow of the founder Bernardo, accompanied by his son-in-law Francesco Moncada together with personalities from culture and sport: from Giampaolo Sodano to Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re and the Merlino-Tardelli couple

To the first floor a scenographic terrace, under a bar on two levels and, between the outside and inside, multifunctional spaces where up to 100 guests can be seated. It is the new trend of “shopping” proposed by Esselunga, the giant of large-scale distribution which, after the one in via Cola di Rienzo, inaugurates today in via Tomacelli,

his second LaEsse store

in the capital: a supermarket-boutique with attention to every detail, from furnishings to lighting. And last night, at the preview of

right on that green space in the heart of the city, an unusually blue “red carpet” came to greet Mrs. Giuliana Caprotti, widow of the founder Bernardo, accompanied by her son-in-law Francesco Moncada, many personalities from the political, cultural and business world: in addition to Gianni Letta, Renato Brunetta and Michela Vittoria Brambilla, also Paolo Berlusconi, Myrta Merlino with her partner Marco Tardelli, Giampaolo Sodano, Guido Bertolaso ​​and Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.

The new store, open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 8 to 21, also hosts a wine shop with over 180 labels that reach 1000 by appointment under the guidance of a sommelier. As for the larger supermarkets, the flagship of Esselunga productions is gastronomy, visible from the street, thanks to a large window, with many proposals and ready meals that draw inspiration from traditional Italian recipes alongside local specialties. With the one in via Tomacelli, the laEsse stores in Italy rise to nine and the offer is expanded in the capital where Esselunga, in 2017
has opened a Superstore in Prenestino of over 4,000 square meters
and the e-commerce service has been active for over 4 years. Some rumors speak of an upcoming investment in Northern Rome, perhaps in the Parioli or Cassia area, but nothing is officially confirmed even if it is clear to everyone that the yellow and red vans for the delivery of online shopping are increasingly seen turning.
for all districts of Rome.

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