ET, the model used in Steven Spielberg’s film is for sale

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News that will appeal to many ET fans The character who was the star of Steven Spielberg’s film of the same name is on sale. As revealed by the Adnkronos press agency, the model that was used in the famous 1982 feature film will be auctioned in Los Angeles on December 17th. ET looks like it will sooner or later find a new home.

ET was the film that marked an era. Cult of yesterday’s cinema today, loved by critics and the public, it was made famous thanks to that model developed by the very Italian Carlo Rambaldi, master of special effects, which then allowed the creator to win two Academy Awards. Now, the extraterrestrial goes to auction and the people of the web are already wondering who will be the lucky collector who will take home the model.

ET model sales Steven Spielberg: the extraterrestrial seeks a new home

According to estimates, the ET model is worth between two and three million dollars and this is precisely the starting price. The auction will take place in Los Angeles at Julien’s Auctions Auction House on December 17th. The electronic puppet which, precisely, was created by Carlo Rambaldi, acclaimed magician of special effects, is considered a real and very particular work of singular craftsmanship, which consequently, in the light of the great success of the film , has become a piece of the history of modern cinema of the last century.

ET, the extraterrestrial looking for a home, which has become a symbol of a cinematic era, was made of duralumin. Rambaldi’s model has active 85 basic body movements, very similar to that of the human body. For example, he can move the eyelids, make rotations of the abdomen and, of course, move the arm upwards. ET’s movements are activated by electrical and mechanical cables. Coated in plastic, the model is not only a memorabilia but a work of art in every respect, also called a masterpiece of modern engineering. Up until then, and we’re talking about the 80s, nothing like this had ever been done, since it was an object born even before special effects in computer graphics.

ET sales model Steven Spielberg: a true work of mechanical engineering art

Steven Spielberg’s film was released in American cinemas in 1982 and in collections surpassed even those of Star Wars, winning a record that was only undermined by Jurassik Park, again directed by Spielberg. It was widely acclaimed by critics and, to this day, is considered one of the greatest films of all time that has marked an entire generation of fans and cinephiles. At the time, it received nine nominations at the 1983 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won four awards, both Best Original Score, Best Special Effects, as well as Best Sound and Best Sound Editing.

ET sales model Steven Spielberg: who launched the career of Drew Barrymore

So successful that ET, in 1998, the American Film Institute placed the film in twenty-fifth place in the ranking of the best one hundred American films of all time, while in 2008, with the update of the list, it rose to twenty-fourth place . The model is worth three million dollars but the figure is destined to grow given that the character of ET has a great cultural value for cinema and modern pop culture.

Steven Spielberg’s ET also launched Drew Barrymore’s career. The actress, now on the crest of the wave, here plays a very young Gertie Taylor, sister of Elliot, the protagonist who becomes a friend of the extraterrestrial in search of a home. Materially, ET will find her on December 17 hoping that he will be pampered by a true fan of the film.

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