Eternals – Angelina Jolie about working with a director. Is there a bug in your promotional video?

In early May 2021, Marvel Studios dropped the bomb, making everyone again just talking about the MCU, getting excited about upcoming titles. It was the first time we saw scenes from the upcoming show Eternalsin which one of the main roles is played Angelina Jolie. The actress is currently promoting the film Those who wish me death, and during the interviews, questions are asked about the MCU show.

Of course, one of the keys is the director Chloé Zhaowhich won two Oscars for the film Nomadland. What does Angelina Jolie say?

– I was very happy. She is a very unique director, but also a very interesting and thoughtful woman who takes her work seriously. She introduces a new voice through her films, and she does the same with Marvel. I can’t wait for viewers to see it.

In another interview, Angelina Jolie also revealed that she had already seen the full trailer Eternalsbut she didn’t know if he had already left. Therefore, we know that the trailer is ready to start the official promotion of the show. We can expect it to start at the beginning of July with the premiere of the film at the latest Black Widow.

Eternals – gallery

Fans in the first fragments Eternals saw a potential error. Well, in one shot you can see … a cameraman. On Twitter, a discussion started as to whether this was a mishap of the creators and they hadn’t digitally erased it prior to publication. However, everything indicates that the cameraman is there for fictional reasons, because Kingo is a famous celebrity and in other shots he is also accompanied by a person with a camera.

Eternals – premiere in November 2021 in cinemas.


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