Eternum EX Authors Released the First Chapter of the Horror Lambs on the Road

Independent studio Flynn’s Arcade, known for the retro-platformer Eternum EX, has released the first chapter of the post-apocalyptic horror Lambs on the Road on Steam. It is inspired by the novel ” The Road ” by Cormac McCarthy, which follows the journey of a father and son through the cataclysm-shattered United States.

In Lambs on the Road, our hero is a father who is looking for his daughter in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world. In this side-scrolling platformer, there are tons of dangers and little puzzles waiting for him.

The world of the game is harsh, and in order to survive, the hero will have to hide from hungry and desperate people, flee, fight and even kill. And he is not advised to turn back. The story we are promised is not long, but touching, filled with horror and despair.

Lambs on the Road: The beginning has received overwhelmingly positive reviews so far. And you can buy it for only 82 rubles.

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