Ethan Crumbley killed 4 people

Ethan was bullied by his peers. He could not cope with it and reacted with aggression, and it was his behavior that made the teachers anxious, not the behavior of the perpetrators. The educators called his parents for another talk about his behavior. Three hours later, Ethan started shooting in the school corridors and killed 16-year-old Tate, 14-year-old Hana, 17-year-old Madisyn and 17-year-old Justin.

Suspect of the Michigan school shooting, Ethan Crumbley will be charged with terrorism and first-degree murder as an adult. When he went berserk and started shooting in the school corridors, he killed four students and wounded seven more. His victims were Tate Myre († 16), Madisyn Baldwin († 17), Hana St Juliana († 14) and Justin Shilling († 17). Crumbley pleaded not guilty.

Police are yet to talk about the motive behind the attack, but Ethan’s peers indicate that students abused him at school. The boy could not cope with the harassment and behaved badly in response. His parents were called to school to talk to teachers. Soon after the second such talk, the boy went to get the gun hidden in the school and started shooting at the students. The exact course of the conversations with teachers and the specific reason for summoning parents to school was not given.

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