EU Commission proposes ‘price cap for Russian gas only’. ‘Non paper’ on the table of the Representatives of the 27 – Environment and energy

Yes to the Russian gas price cap but not to the general gas imports from the EU. It’s this one one of the measures that the EU Commission, in the non-paper (unofficial document) finalized only late in the evening, proposed to member countries in view of the Energy Council on Friday.

“To cope with possible supply disruptions, solidarity measures could be made mandatory to guarantee all Member States access to the gas necessary to serve protected customers and critical industries,” reads the unofficial document. “To alleviate the impact of the crisis, Member States can enforce retail price regulation and limit retail prices for gas as well, if they wish. For households in need of support, including vulnerable ones,” it reads. .

Establishing a generalized price cap on all gas exchanges “would be a challenging exercise due to the dynamics of the internal and global market, and would involve risks from the point of view of security of supply”. This is what we read in the non-paper that the European Commission presented to member countries. “Furthermore – it is highlighted -, the risk of causing supply interruptions by third countries is greater for a generalized wholesale price ceiling than for a ceiling on pipeline imports”.

“Based on the experience of the Member States, the Commission is ready to discuss the development of a temporary EU framework to limit the influence of high gas prices on the formation of electricity prices”. The European Commission writes this in the non-paper presented to member countries ahead of Friday’s meeting of energy ministers. “One option – explains the EU executive – could be to limit the price of gas in electricity production to a level that helps reduce electricity prices without leading to a general increase in gas consumption”.

Friday, at extraordinary meeting of the energy ministers, “there will also be a number of proposals to see how to limit the rise in energy prices”. This was stated by the EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders. “Many have asked us to think about a solution” and “different formulas to contribute to the lowering of prices”, explained Reynders, indicating that “the discussion will take place on Friday at the Energy Council, when my colleague Simson (Commissioner for Energy , ed) will present a series of proposals “. Today a first non-EU paper on the price cap on gas is expected at the meeting of the ambassadors of the Twenty-seven.


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