Euphoria 4 will happen, but perhaps without Zendaya

Euphoria is an American television series that, since 2019, airs on HBO, while in Italy it is available on Sky and on Now, running two seasons with eight episodes each. It tells the story of a group of high school students who begin the discovery of their identity by exploring the world which, however, is not full of positive things as they want them to believe, but there are traumas, social media, unrequited loves and friendships. you end up badly being the protagonists. In short, all the ingredients for a fascinating plot.

The third season of Euphoria has already been confirmed and is eagerly awaited, but we will have to wait a little longer as filming is expected in March 2023 with the third chapter airing by the end of next year. It was thought that the third season was ready to coincide with the final chapter especially since there was a risk of seeing the farewell of Zendaya who is the most loved and followed protagonist, the most loved face of the series that allowed her to hit a record by winning two Emmy Awards in a row. And instead months of rumors have been denied and the third season of Euphoria it will not coincide with the ending of the TV series.

zendaya euphoria
Zendaya in Euphoria

Confirmation comes directly from Casey Bloysor the person responsible for the contents of Hbo Max which, during an interview with Deadline, said he is working with the writers to find a way for the series to grow with its protagonists. The same Zendaya, already in the past, she had said she was willing to explore the life of the characters after high school by making a potential time jump. On the other hand, the real protagonists are around 25 and 26 years old and must play the role of teenagers between 17 and 18 years old. This would be the first problem that could be solved, but there is a second one that will perhaps force the writers to move forward with the fourth season of Euphoria seeing a new cast. All the leading actors, in fact, are getting important roles in other works. Zendaya, for example, is busy on the set of the Dune sequel. This would be a problem as it would become really difficult to make all the commitments coincide and have them all on set at the same time. So the possibility of moving forward with Euphoria 4 without Zendaya. Needless to say, his fans have already rebelled against this possibility by storming social networks and saying their opinion: Euphoria is a very interesting TV series which, according to their opinion, had worldwide success thanks to the actress. For the moment, however, it is only a matter of guesswork, it was decided to go ahead and surely we will do everything possible to get all the protagonist cast back, but if things become too difficult then we will go our own way saying goodbye to the faces. most loved.

And are you a fan of Euphoria? What do you think of a possible new season without Zendaya? We look forward to seeing you in the comments!

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