“Euphoria”: what does the next season have in store for us?

The creator of the HBO series has announced the main lines of season 3 expected for 2025: an atmosphere borrowed from film noir, departure of an emblematic actress from the series…

A season inspired by film noir

If the end of season 2 seemed to indicate that Rue Bennett (played by Zendaya) was on the path to redemption, HBO series creator Sam Levinson told the magazine. She that the next season, which will take place after the high school years, will be inspired by film noir with an even darker atmosphere around decidedly pessimistic themes such as betrayal, infidelity, or murder. Through the character of Rue, the director of The Idol claimed to want “explore what it means to be a principled individual in a corrupt world.”

Zendaya Becomes One of TV’s Highest-Paid Actresses for Season 3Euphoria

Series Euphoria revealed her and made her the youngest actress to twice win Best Leading Actress at the Emmy Awards. Just 26 years old, Zendaya continues to establish herself as one of the matrix faces of Hollywood. She will soon be featured in Luca Guadagnino’s new film Challengers, then in Dune: Part Two by Denis Villeneuve and in the new feature film by Francis Ford Coppola, Megalopolis.

With this third season of the teenage drama, she is about to become one of the highest paid actresses on the small screen. Also co-producer of the series, Zendaya would have actually renegotiated her contract with HBO, as claimed by Los Angeles Times and is expected to receive close to $1 million per episode. According to the specialized media, such a level of remuneration only concerns “the main roles of Friends in its last season, those of Game Of Thronesor Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies.”

Barbie Ferreira won’t be in the sequelEuphoria

The actress, who played the sulphurous high school student Kat Hernandez, announced that she would not be in the casting for the third season. A character that the actress considered reduced to the top of the fat best friend, secondary character who evolves alongside a popular and often thin protagonist: “After four years of playing the most special and enigmatic character, Kat, I have to say goodbye to her with tears in my eyes (…) I put all my attention and love into her and I hope you have felt. I love you, Katherine Hernandez”, she wrote in a message posted on instagram.

Broadcast delayed due to Hollywood strike

The strike that is currently paralyzing Hollywood will inexorably delay the production of teen drama dark from HBO. Season 3 should not see the light of day before 2025.

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