Euridice Axen, the most beautiful looks of the A casa tutti bene actress

Euridice Axen made her debut in the Italian soap opera world but recently joined the cast of All right at home – The series which triumphed at the Nastri d’Argento.

Lovers of the Italian soap opera will surely have recognized Eurydice axen in the cast of All right at home – The seriesdesigned by Gabriel Muccino and winner of the Nastri d’Argento 2022. The actress, born in 1980, made her TV debut with One Hundred Showcases, playing Monica Graziosi. Soon after, she joined the cast of To live, where she played Valeria Castri. Throughout her career, Euridice Axen – whose surname is maternal – has starred in various successful Italian TV products such as Carabinieri, RIS Rome – Imperfect crimes and Inspector Coriander.

Eurydice Axen
Eurydice Axen. Credits: Ansa/Instagram

She appeared in The Young Pope and was chosen by Paolo Sorrentino as the protagonist of Their. Critics liked the character of Tamara very much and she won the Guglielmo Biraghi Award at the 2018 Silver Ribbons. The following year, at the Venice Film Festival, she won the award for revelation actress. Recently, Euridice Axen starred in Astrology guide for broken heartsan up-and-coming Netflix TV series, and then joined the cast of All right at home – The series.

Euridice Axen, the look of the actress

TV, cinema but also a lot of theatre. Euridice Axen has a successful career behind her and a bright future awaiting her. The actress is also extremely glamorous and she proved it several times on the red carpet. She recently attended the party hosted by Vanity Fair on the occasion of the Oscars, Celebrating The Oscar Nightwhere he wore a total black suit by Albert Ferretti. The actress is very fond of the Italian brand. In fact, at the premiere of Carla, the film that tells the life of Carla Fracci, proposed a look signed by the Italian fashion house. The high-waisted tartan weave skirt is teamed with a slightly oversized sweater with a colorful geometric weave.

Eurydice Axen
Eurydice Axen. Credits: ANSA

And it is always of Albert Ferretti the dress that Euridice Axen wore at the Rome Film Fest 2021. For the occasion, she walked the red carpet in an all-black gown with a flounced tulle skirt and a lightly draped bodice with ultra-thin shoulder straps. She the actress joined the rest of the cast to present All right at home – The seriesan ambitious project by Gabriel Muccino based on the film of the same name.

Eurydice Axen
Eurydice Axen. Credits: Instagram/Ansa

At the Venice Film Festival 2019showed off a total white one-shoulder long dress, with a slightly draped bodice at waist height, and it could only be Albert Ferretti. In combination, Euridice Axen proposed sandals by Casadei and pendants of Messika. At the party of Vanity Fair Black&White theme of that year in the Lagoon, she opted for a black and white dress with a maxi belt studded with rhinestones. At the premiere of Their in Rome, he proposed a floral weave suit by Albert Ferretti.

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